Review: Cyber Colors Duo White Essence BB Cream

So here is the first product review from the SASA Love Package that i recently did a video on!!
So the ingredients used to make this bb cream supposedly is able to give "anti-irritant, skin-healing, moisturizing, repairing and anti-wrinkle effects."
So let's put this product to the test!!
 This bb cream is actually darker than my skin tone (at the moment). It is probably 1-2 shades? darker, so it will be more suitable for me to wear in summer when it's more tanned.
Okay now let's move onto the ratings!!

Cyber Colors Dup White Essence BB Cream Ratings:

This BB cream gives really natural coverage so it doesn't seem that i put makeup on!! I love to use this bb cream to cover up on my red areas and dark circles under my eyes!!

I love how this bb cream has SPF25 keeping my skin safe from any UV rays!! Actually i'll love any product with SPF in it as i know my skin will be safe when i head out in the sun!!

The shade is slightly darker than my (winter) skin tone at the moment but this shade is perfect for those who have tan skin!! But this bb cream won't be suitable for those who have lighter skin tones unless you want to have a summer glow then go for it!!

The formula is a liquid-base and it is super easy to blend out!! Also the formula is super moisturizing which leaves my under eye area looking very hydrated!! Also just a small amount can go a long long way!!

Love the design of this bb cream!! The pump bottle is very hygienic making sure you get clean fresh bb cream every pump!!! I'm a sucker for products which has a pump head!!

On the Sasa website you can only purchase the 50ml size at AUD$23 (RRP$37) now!! I think this is a reasonably price for this bb cream!!

Really liking this bb cream at the moment!! Been using it for the past few weeks since i got it for my daily use!! Definitely recommend to those who have darker skin tones!!!

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Luvo-ing with my doggy. She too is so photogenic!!  & she looks so good in a bikini hehe!
Her special spot!! & her paw on my foot~
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