Review: Dr. Jart+ BB Cream Water Fuse Blemish Base

Want to go out without having to suffocate your face with layers of foundation?? 
Wearing Dr.Jarts+ Water Fuse BB cream
Well Dr.Jart+'s Water Fuse Blemish Base can help you achieve an effortless healthy dewy look while keeping your moisturized throughout the day and your skin safe from the UV rays.
Mine is a smaller size as i bought this as a set in HK
Here is what the product looks like~
Dr. Jart+ BB Cream Water Fuse Blemish Base Review:

This BB cream has very light coverage so if you need to cover up any dark circles or scars best to use a concealer on top of the bb cream.

I love how this bb cream has SPF27 keeping my skin safe from any UV rays!!

To me i just simply love the shade!! It's more on a peachy tone so it makes my skin look fresher and younger!!

The formula is a liquid-base and it is super easy to blend out!! Also the formula controls your sebum production and it is super light on the skin so it doesn't clog up all your pores!!

On the Sasa website you can only purchase the 50ml size, as they do not sell sets, for only AUD$20.80!! I think it is a reasonable price since a little goes a long way with this product!!

Even though it doesn't give an enormous amount of coverage for scar, extreme dark circles and/or pimples, it still works very well to achieve a natural dewy healthy look. I think i will definitely be purchasing this bb cream again because it is super light and easy to blend out formula! And whats more that it's just right for my skin tone!!

So i have decide that i will be changing my blog's website link soon as well as making a new youtube channel due to the fact that the current link & youtube channel was made by my friend and i. But know that she has fully withdrawn from the blog and youtube i'm thinking of changing both my blog & youtube! Hope everyone will still be here to support!! 
My new daily wear bb cream!! 
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  1. Thanks for the review! I always like light coverage more than full and the price is really good :) x

  2. I've wanted to try a Dr. Jart product for a while... thanks for reviewing this- I may grab this BB cream now! :)


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