Review: Sasatinnie Instant Make-up Gel Remover

I'm back again with another review which i received from the SASA Love Package. This time it is a makeup remover with a very unique consistency!! 
Sasatinnie's Instant Makeup Gel Remover is said to "contains rich amino acids and chamomile extracts. Moreover, it moisturizes and relieves the dry skin to prevent the uncomfortable dry feeling after makeup removal. "
 And here i am putting the product to the test!!
The gel consistency is super light and non-greasy as it is oil-free!  
Left half with the gel makeup remover applied
Right half has light makeup on
Removes my makeup easily!
Sasatinnie Instant Make-up Gel Remover Ratings: 

I really like the formula as i have never used a gel-like liquid makeup remover before.
It is really light and it doesn't dry out my skin when removing my makeup!! It is perfect for all skin-types!!


So far it removes all traces of makeup but as i didn't try this product with mascara on my lashes i will have to further try this product out more often!!

Again this gets a 5 star because pump nozzles are the best packaging as it is very hygienic and makes sure clean product to use every time!

This product is at a super affordable price of AUD$10 for 200ml of product!!

I would definitely recommend this product!! Interesting texture and very efficient!! 

Back into uni and all i can say is that i can definitely feel the workload piling up but thankfully i got this week and next weeks readings and homework all done so that i can enjoy my birthday this week!!!
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