Review: GEO Angel Blue Colour Contacts & BLOG LINK CHANGE TOMORROW!!

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So i recently filmed another cosplay make up tutorial so how could i miss out on another colour contact review for you guys!!
So it has been a while since i wore GEO Angel series coloured contacts. They were actually the first colour contact brand/series i ever wore!!
Anyways here's the review!!
GEO Angel Blue Ratings:

Comfort: ★★ 
It's been a while since i wore colour contacts so these are a good starter for me to get back into them! 

Colour: ★★
The colour is actually quite dark when worn in well lit area and the colour is slightly more vibrant when you use flash to take photos! 

Enlargement: ★★★★★
The GEO Angel are 14.5mm in diameter but they do give an enlarging effect even if it's not super dolly! But there is the GEO Super Angel which are 14.8mm!

Overall: ★★★★
This pair of contacts can be quite dark if your natural eye colour is dark. But other than that these are a good starter if you want to get into colour contacts!!!

Can you guess what cosplay makeup tutorial i'll be editing next?
Anyways Spring is coming soon so it's time to hit the gym again!! I will be doing a Spring-Summer diet/fitness blog entry soon!! 

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Review: Laneige Skin Veil Base & SMASH! Maid Cafe After-party ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

So yesterday i was out pretty much the entire day as i got to hang out with my Smash! Maid cafe friends. I dressed up into my stitch kigurumi and a friend she dressed up in her yukata which she had bought in Japan!! 

So we met up in the afternoon where only half of us could make it and we had an awesome time shopping around the city, eating desert at passionflower, taking purikura's and karaoke! (i haven't done any of these in ages!! i felt like a big kid again!!).
Lasting Love
Gold Digger
Chocolate & strawberry crepe
After karaoke we headed towards our location for dinner. We went to a Japanese restaurant called WAGAYA which is near Chinatown. A few more of our maids and butlers came for dinner and we had a fulfilling meal!! After dinner a few of us went for desert round 2!! 

mushroom and cheese pizza
mentaiko spaghetti

i was not alone!!
when stitch meets the shortest giraffe!!
I'm going to miss everyone that i worked with at the Smash! Maid Cafe with this year!! Everyone was really nice and friendly!!! Especially our supervisors!! Super nice and caring people!!

Anyways time for the review!! Woohoo another Laneige product review!! Today i will be reviewing on one of Laneige's makeup bases, called the Skin Veil Base.
This makeup base gives us that sleek and soft skin look while protecting us from UV rays.

Laneige Skin Veil Base Ratings:

This product comes in three different colour's which all have different functions. The light purple specifically focuses on uneven skin tone where the light green focuses on redness on the face. As for the one i chose which was the light peach one it does both of the functions the light purple and light green so it is more generally picked by customers.

The formula is a light and oil free liquid formula and it is perfect for all skin types to use. It is super easy to blend out using your fingers. It also has a soft floral scent every pump!!

The packaging is simple and easy to use. The pump bottle of the makeup base makes sure we always get clean products from it!!

I'm not sure of the exact price since i bought this product a while back now but i don't remember it being super expensive or anything. 

Highly recommend this makeup base!! It is one of my favorite liquid formula bases!! 

I'm so tired of uni already and i just simply cannot wait for next week's mid-sem break, even though it won't last very long!!
& Remember guys, the blog link change (i know i sound damn fussy at the moment, but believe me many people still don't know about this!!)
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Review: Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation [White Plus Renew]

It's been a while since i did a review on a Laneige product and i have so much Laneige products sitting there waiting to be reviewed on so let me get started on them!!Today i will be reviewing Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation [White Plus Renew]. I recently took this out of my makeup collection and used it and i fell back in love with this foundation!!
This foundation has both the whitening and UV protection functions. 
highlighter on the hand, and foundation on the bottle

Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation [White Plus Renew] Ratings:

The shade that i'm using is in #23 Sand Beige. It easily is blended to my skin tone. This product also comes in other shades to to suit your skin tone. 

As described because the formula is liquid-based it melts into the skin. It also has whitening function to give you a bright and moist face. Also it has SPF41 so it can protect my skin from the harmful sun rays & it is also suitable for all skin types!

The packaging is simple and easy to use. The lid of the foundation has a cream highlighter which can be used to highlight specific facial features. And the pump bottle of the foundation is very hygienic!!

I'm not sure of the exact price since i bought this product a while back now but i don't remember it being super expensive or anything. 

Really love using this foundation as it is super easy to blend out using either a foundation brush, stipple brush or even your fingers!! Highly recommend this product as it is suitable for all skin types!

I have tonnes of reviews coming up soon so definitely keep a watch out for my blog!! Still thinking what else to put into my giveaway! Oh by the way...did i mention it's going to be an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY!!? Well now you now haha! And just going to keep reminding everyone about the NEW BLOG LINK & NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL which is to come on the 1st september!!
Well i need to get ready to head out for the SMASH!Maid Cafe After Party woohoo!!!
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Keeping Fit in Autumn/Winter ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

Autumn and/or Winter (i say mainly winter!!) are probably the most common reasons why we put on weight so easily and sometimes we don't realize it until Spring/Summer hits us. The reasons being is that we tend to eat more to keep warm and we get hungry more easily!!! And on top of that I've been having so many birthday dinners, days and nights out for meals which has been a huge affect on my health, body and WEIGHT!!! (okay there's my wallet too...!!)
I do try to keep fit and try to watch my weight during colder half of the year because who doesn't want to look good everyday of their lives even if it is just sitting at home watching the tele! 
omgsh! these are painful to do! but a good workout!!
So every time when the A/W season comes by i keep telling myself that my maximum weight gain is +2kg's ONLY!! Because during Spring/Summer season i can easily work off 2kg's but on the other hand if i gain 5+ kg's i would be....uhh...yeah i get lazy along the way of losing the Winter weight.
But of course don't start losing weight like crazy because you are not my size or somebody else's size, i keep fit and work out to make sure i'm healthy now and in the future too, not because i want to "fit" in. So remember girls and boys work out and keep fit to be healthy and not to be underweight or overweight because it will affect you and your health in the future!
Okay so i bet you're all asking how exactly do i "keep fit" in the A/W season!!?? I'll get to that right now!
1. I go dance (dance my new love!!)
2. I do toning exercises

3. I try to eat more smaller portion for dinner
i do not own this photo
When i was about 14-15 years old i went to a dance studio to try out dance such as hip hop and boy did i suck at it! But i decided to go back to dance after 5 years later and here i am again back at dance and I'M LOVING IT!! For me it is a pretty good work out and i'm just falling in love with dance once again!! So i would pretty much for to dance two times a week, attending 2-3 classes in total. But of course if you are not into dance then try a sport that you're interested in or have fun doing!!
i do not own this photo

Because it gets colder and colder as we enter the A/W season i hate going outside hence less gym-ing sessions and running around like a crazy monkey..(okay i don't do that..all the time :P) Because i don't move enough in winter i tend to open my heater and do some toning exercises which include 15-20 push-up's, 15-20 sit-ups and 15-20 squats a day!
i do not own this photo

As for food, breakfast is my biggest meal because for me, without breakfast i'm not awake and i daydream about food!! A bigger breakfast can make me last longer for the morning until lunch hits! Lunch i like to get a medium sized meal such as a chicken roll or PHO noodles. And when dinner comes i make it the smallest meal of the day, of course i don't eat biscuit and that's it because i will just be pulling out more and more biscuits!! So a decent yet small meal enough to fill me 6-7/10 is satisfying!! I do snack in the middle of my meals to keep my metabolism working so it is okay to snack!! Just don't over dose on the snacks that's all hehe!!
Emma Watson

But now that spring is just around the corner i finally picked up my lazy butt to get to the gym today, after dance!! And went i got to my gym it gave me a nice welcome back surprise!! The escalator was broken so i had to walk up them instead!! Had a good 2 hours at the gym just working out those muscles...~

I will be sharing how i keep fit in the Spring/Summer season soon!! Also i will be filming a giveaway video soon to inform the new blog link change & new youtube channel which will be taking place in SEPTEMBER!!! & i'm just going to end today's blog post with a picture of ME! after my gym-ing session!
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Bring on the early Spring Blush (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ & BLOG LINK CHANGE NOTICE!!

An important notice about my blog!!*UPDATED
I had notice there was still a lot of people asking "where my blog went" so i have extended the usual blog link until the end of this month!! On the 1st SEPT 2012 i will officially be using the

The last month of winter August has been having bright warm rays of sun for a couples of days and will continue to be so for the next few days until the weekends. So i decided to share with you guys one of my favorite blush & lip tint which i love to use!!!
So today i'll be reviewing on Benefit's Benetint. 
It is a rose-coloured tint which can be use to tint your lips for some colour or apply them to your cheeks as blush!!
It also has the soft scent of roses from it and super easy to blend out!! 

Benefit's, Benetint Ratings:

I super love the soft rose colour!! It gives me super natural blushed cheeks!! & perky soft red lips!!!

The formula is liquid-based so it can get messy if you are not careful!! But other than that the formula is fantastic, it's super easy to blend out with my fingers and it is simple to remover with makeup remover!!

The packaging is very convenient to bring on-the-go as it is small. 

The price is about AUD$29 if you purchase from like Myer's or David Jones. But because i bought mine in Hong Kong quite some time back it was slightly cheaper.

I super LOVE this rose-colour tint! It gives me a natural flush of rosy cheeks and cute perky lips to brighten up my complexion!! Highly recommend this product as you can use it for a really long time!! A little goes a long way for me!!

Hopefully everyone who has been following me has noticed the change of my blog banner about my BLOG LINK change soon!!
Anyways i will be filming a giveaway soon so that my subscribers on youtube will know about the change to my blog link and also a notice of my new youtube channel. New tutorial video's will be up soon too so hope you guys look forward to that!!!
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Review: Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Deep Black (✿◠‿◠)

An important notice about my blog!!
I wanted to inform everyone that this blog will be changing its' blog link after the 19th August 2012. So on the 20th August morning i will have changed the blog link to to please make sure to keep a note of it and tell all your friends about it too if they read my blog!!! Also due to the blog link change I will have a new YouTube channel up and running soon too where one of the first few videos will include a giveaway opened up internationally!!!
Anyways let's move along with the review!!
Want to create the perfect lines for your eyes?? Well today i will be reviewing on the highly raved Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black
This eyeliner can help you achieve extremely thin to thick lines depending on what look you are after!!!
Its' fine brush allows this to happen and the formula is super pigmented making sure you get a clean pigmented line every stroke!!

It also points out that this eye liner is waterproof, smudge-proof and even sweat-proof, perfect for the upcoming spring-summer season here in Australia!
So does it really stay on? Let's put it up to the tests!!
1. smudge-proof
2. waterproof
3. water-smudge proof?
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner, Deep Black Ratings:

This eyeliner is super pigmented with every stroke!!

Smudge-proof, waterproof and even sweat-proof!! It is not water-smudge proof so avoid wearing it if your going for a swim or going to be crying? Otherwise I love the super pigmented formula as it gives clean sharp lines every time!

The entire packaging is super kawaii and definitely captures any girls attention!! I simply love how cute the packaging is and the eyeliner itself has small print details on it too!!

The price is really reasonable as it cost just under AUD$13 on

Since my K-palette eyeliner has run out of ink I finally have the chance to open up my long awaited Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner which has been sitting on my shelf. All I can say is that I'm loving it!!!!!!!!!

You can create the thinnest lines!!
So make sure you to tell you friends about the blog link change & keep an eye out for all the new videos & blog post to come soon!! I will be spamming this blog like crazy soon!!!

Keep smiling guys!!
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mr. TonyLion birthday dinner (=TェT=) & NEW BLOG LINK Coming Soon!!

So Sunday was TonyLion's birthday dinner. We had dinner at an all you can eat korean bbq since he has been craving it!! Although i wasn't able to take many photo's on the night itself i had an amazing night just being there for my lionbro and catching up with friends! Managed to snap a few photo's with the birthday boy!

This birthday dinner wasn't like any other usual birthday dinner since TonyLion's had told everyone that he didn't want presents but if they could use that money for donations for The Water Project instead! He had managed to receive an amount which i thought was surprisingly quite a big amount!
We ended the night with the birthday cake, candles and a birthday song.
Birthday cakes i bought for the lion

trans: Like a kid
TonyLion will forever be young looking!!

That night i wore a simple sheer blouse with a black skirt. To make the look more edgy i added a few of my recent favorite accessories (earring & necklace)

I'm sure many of you who have been following me long enough will know i will be changing my blog link from to
I will officially change it starting at the end of this week so if your friends ask you why they can no longer see my blog tell them about the new link to my blog!!! Also a new youtube channel will be up soon with a giveaway, and this time opened up internationally for all my international viewers and readers!! More makeup tutorial videos & beauty product review posts to come out soon so keep an eye out for all the new daily updates by clicking the "FOLLOW" button on my blog AND "subscribing" to my youtube channel!!

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