A Monet Story | The More Youthful Days Photoshoot

So on Wednesday i decided to do a photo shoot with TonyLion to relieve some stress out!! We had 2 outfits for the day but took more photo's with our second outfit since it suited the theme more. We were aiming for a wintery feel theme but...in the end we crossed that theme out since our shooting location and clothes fitted a more vintagey youthful-olden day style which i love!! Definitely will be having more shoot since it's a super fun de-stresser besides dancing!!
Anyways here are a few photo's which i personally liked and i only edited the filter (since i'm a terribly photoshop-er)
One of my favorite shot's on TonyLion
Even though the glasses makes his eyes look smaller this is still another one of my favorite shots!
Definitely my favorite shot!
So today i headed out to dance and attended two classes. Now i have a big fat bruise on my right leg~ ><"
One of the classes were K-pop's "Ma Boy". I officially know how to dance from the chorus onwards >:D
Tomorrow is mr.TonyLion's early birthday dinner!
Updates on his birthday event soon!!
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