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It's been about a week since my last post and i'm back again with a daily life update!!! This week i have super busy trying to get all my readings and work done for next week.Anyway moving along to the main topic of today, last Thursday  to Saturday (2nd-4th Aug) i happily celebrated my birthday with my friends and boyfriend, and as for Sunday (5th Aug) i had a family dinner to celebrate both me and my little brother's birthday since we our birth dates are only 3 days apart. I don't think i mentioned in my previous blog entries that i got the ends of my hair re-dyed into a purple-pink colour this time :D
The colour after a week i got it done

On Thursday i left the house pretty early to get my nails done since i'm a terrible nail polish applier... and plus i didn't have the colour i wanted to get done anyways. I choose a slight metalic royal blue colour from the O.P.I nail colour range called Yoga-ta Get this Blue. I pretty much sat there for about an hour mojaroity of the time getting my nails to dry completely.

Afterwards i headed to CreAsion to buy some macaron's for one of my bestest friend who is like a brother to me, LionTony and headed to uni since i still had classes to attend.
I bought White strawberry, Yuzu, Hoji Tea, & Casis (reviews of them will be up soon!). I've tried all except one flavor from the one's i bought, which was white strawberry. The rest i gave to tonylion as it was almost his birthday too!
Recently i have been eating macaron's non-stop that it is crazy!!!!
instrgram photo of pre-liontony's bday treats!
After uni i met up with tonylion (i like to say his name the other way around cause it sounds so much more easier) and 2 other friends as we headed down to The Star to check-in and get ready for my birthday dinner where I had booked dinner at Seoul Ria. I thought i was going to be the latest there since we arrived at 7:40pm about 10mins late of our booking time. But thankfully i was the first one there haha~ and gradually everyone started to come by! Miwari was also present too!! I shared my meal with dearest brother tonylion, where we ordered Korean BBQ and got spicy chicken, pork belly and spare ribs! We had a really fun time chatting, drinking, eating and taking photo's!!!
My lovely friends who attended! Can you spot Miwari & LionTony?
lionsis & lionbro
With the ladies!!
After dinner we headed to a bar for some more drinks and just enjoyed chatting away and taking photo's!
As for presents there were a few who did forget to bring their's but it's okay! I received a whole box of facial mask, Jurlique hand cream set, whole box of macarons, chanel nail polish(which happens to be the first one i own!!) and G.E.M's Xposed taiwan limited edition album box!! Then a few of us slept over at the hotel.!
發死你 = die till you rich!! i WISH!
photoshoot mode!
ありがとう、the boyfriend
The Friday which was my official birthday i spent it with the boyfriend where we headed out to Westfield for brunch. We got 2 snag stand haute dog's & charlie&co.'s truffle fries!!! 
Then we headed to hyde park where we just enjoyed the sun and the breeze and of course taking photo's!! He also bought me a little cake which i got to pick and that's how i ended my wonderful birthday.
Sunday night i had dinner with my family to celebrate both my brothers' and myself's birthday. We headed out to Neutral Bay to try out a Japanese restaurant named "KAI". My mum bought a coupon off the net so it was $65 for an all-you-can-eat sushi & sashimi sushi. We also got complimentary red wine to go with our meal. I guess the one bad thing about the coupon is that you can only order one plate at a time and a maximum of 2 plates on your table. But other than that the food was really nice, all the dishes were all freshly made!!
Red wine with the family
Super loving my chunky necklace from F21 & earrings from lovisa
Monday was my dear cute brother Alex's birthday!!! Gave him his birthday present which mum and i had gotten a month in advance. He was super happy when he saw it!! We got him a GUCCI wallet during the sales and once he had opened it he decided to use it. I even told him to smell it and he did, hahaha!
iphones bad quality front camera :/
Me & little brother 
Was meant to be going to my dear cousin's 21st tonight but couldn't make it due to all the uni work packing on!! Hopefully i will be clearing my piles of essays by sunday to at least attend tonylion's birthday dinner!!
Recently did i photo shoot again so hopefully i will get those photo's up soon too!!! But here is a behind the scene picture to keep you guys looking forward!!
taxxed of liontony's instagram!
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  1. Haha glad you had a good day. So long and so many photos! I would have loved to have tonylion but that username was taken D: so liontony.

    Have a great weekend!


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