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Autumn and/or Winter (i say mainly winter!!) are probably the most common reasons why we put on weight so easily and sometimes we don't realize it until Spring/Summer hits us. The reasons being is that we tend to eat more to keep warm and we get hungry more easily!!! And on top of that I've been having so many birthday dinners, days and nights out for meals which has been a huge affect on my health, body and WEIGHT!!! (okay there's my wallet too...!!)
I do try to keep fit and try to watch my weight during colder half of the year because who doesn't want to look good everyday of their lives even if it is just sitting at home watching the tele! 
omgsh! these are painful to do! but a good workout!!
So every time when the A/W season comes by i keep telling myself that my maximum weight gain is +2kg's ONLY!! Because during Spring/Summer season i can easily work off 2kg's but on the other hand if i gain 5+ kg's i would be....uhh...yeah i get lazy along the way of losing the Winter weight.
But of course don't start losing weight like crazy because you are not my size or somebody else's size, i keep fit and work out to make sure i'm healthy now and in the future too, not because i want to "fit" in. So remember girls and boys work out and keep fit to be healthy and not to be underweight or overweight because it will affect you and your health in the future!
Okay so i bet you're all asking how exactly do i "keep fit" in the A/W season!!?? I'll get to that right now!
1. I go dance (dance my new love!!)
2. I do toning exercises

3. I try to eat more smaller portion for dinner
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When i was about 14-15 years old i went to a dance studio to try out dance such as hip hop and boy did i suck at it! But i decided to go back to dance after 5 years later and here i am again back at dance and I'M LOVING IT!! For me it is a pretty good work out and i'm just falling in love with dance once again!! So i would pretty much for to dance two times a week, attending 2-3 classes in total. But of course if you are not into dance then try a sport that you're interested in or have fun doing!!
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Because it gets colder and colder as we enter the A/W season i hate going outside hence less gym-ing sessions and running around like a crazy monkey..(okay i don't do that..all the time :P) Because i don't move enough in winter i tend to open my heater and do some toning exercises which include 15-20 push-up's, 15-20 sit-ups and 15-20 squats a day!
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As for food, breakfast is my biggest meal because for me, without breakfast i'm not awake and i daydream about food!! A bigger breakfast can make me last longer for the morning until lunch hits! Lunch i like to get a medium sized meal such as a chicken roll or PHO noodles. And when dinner comes i make it the smallest meal of the day, of course i don't eat biscuit and that's it because i will just be pulling out more and more biscuits!! So a decent yet small meal enough to fill me 6-7/10 is satisfying!! I do snack in the middle of my meals to keep my metabolism working so it is okay to snack!! Just don't over dose on the snacks that's all hehe!!
Emma Watson

But now that spring is just around the corner i finally picked up my lazy butt to get to the gym today, after dance!! And went i got to my gym it gave me a nice welcome back surprise!! The escalator was broken so i had to walk up them instead!! Had a good 2 hours at the gym just working out those muscles...~

I will be sharing how i keep fit in the Spring/Summer season soon!! Also i will be filming a giveaway video soon to inform the new blog link change & new youtube channel which will be taking place in SEPTEMBER!!! & i'm just going to end today's blog post with a picture of ME! after my gym-ing session!
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