mr. TonyLion birthday dinner (=TェT=) & NEW BLOG LINK Coming Soon!!

So Sunday was TonyLion's birthday dinner. We had dinner at an all you can eat korean bbq since he has been craving it!! Although i wasn't able to take many photo's on the night itself i had an amazing night just being there for my lionbro and catching up with friends! Managed to snap a few photo's with the birthday boy!

This birthday dinner wasn't like any other usual birthday dinner since TonyLion's had told everyone that he didn't want presents but if they could use that money for donations for The Water Project instead! He had managed to receive an amount which i thought was surprisingly quite a big amount!
We ended the night with the birthday cake, candles and a birthday song.
Birthday cakes i bought for the lion

trans: Like a kid
TonyLion will forever be young looking!!

That night i wore a simple sheer blouse with a black skirt. To make the look more edgy i added a few of my recent favorite accessories (earring & necklace)

I'm sure many of you who have been following me long enough will know i will be changing my blog link from to
I will officially change it starting at the end of this week so if your friends ask you why they can no longer see my blog tell them about the new link to my blog!!! Also a new youtube channel will be up soon with a giveaway, and this time opened up internationally for all my international viewers and readers!! More makeup tutorial videos & beauty product review posts to come out soon so keep an eye out for all the new daily updates by clicking the "FOLLOW" button on my blog AND "subscribing" to my youtube channel!!

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