Review: GEO Angel Blue Colour Contacts & BLOG LINK CHANGE TOMORROW!!

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So i recently filmed another cosplay make up tutorial so how could i miss out on another colour contact review for you guys!!
So it has been a while since i wore GEO Angel series coloured contacts. They were actually the first colour contact brand/series i ever wore!!
Anyways here's the review!!
GEO Angel Blue Ratings:

Comfort: ★★ 
It's been a while since i wore colour contacts so these are a good starter for me to get back into them! 

Colour: ★★
The colour is actually quite dark when worn in well lit area and the colour is slightly more vibrant when you use flash to take photos! 

Enlargement: ★★★★★
The GEO Angel are 14.5mm in diameter but they do give an enlarging effect even if it's not super dolly! But there is the GEO Super Angel which are 14.8mm!

Overall: ★★★★
This pair of contacts can be quite dark if your natural eye colour is dark. But other than that these are a good starter if you want to get into colour contacts!!!

Can you guess what cosplay makeup tutorial i'll be editing next?
Anyways Spring is coming soon so it's time to hit the gym again!! I will be doing a Spring-Summer diet/fitness blog entry soon!! 

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