Review: Laneige Skin Veil Base & SMASH! Maid Cafe After-party ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

So yesterday i was out pretty much the entire day as i got to hang out with my Smash! Maid cafe friends. I dressed up into my stitch kigurumi and a friend she dressed up in her yukata which she had bought in Japan!! 

So we met up in the afternoon where only half of us could make it and we had an awesome time shopping around the city, eating desert at passionflower, taking purikura's and karaoke! (i haven't done any of these in ages!! i felt like a big kid again!!).
Lasting Love
Gold Digger
Chocolate & strawberry crepe
After karaoke we headed towards our location for dinner. We went to a Japanese restaurant called WAGAYA which is near Chinatown. A few more of our maids and butlers came for dinner and we had a fulfilling meal!! After dinner a few of us went for desert round 2!! 

mushroom and cheese pizza
mentaiko spaghetti

i was not alone!!
when stitch meets the shortest giraffe!!
I'm going to miss everyone that i worked with at the Smash! Maid Cafe with this year!! Everyone was really nice and friendly!!! Especially our supervisors!! Super nice and caring people!!

Anyways time for the review!! Woohoo another Laneige product review!! Today i will be reviewing on one of Laneige's makeup bases, called the Skin Veil Base.
This makeup base gives us that sleek and soft skin look while protecting us from UV rays.

Laneige Skin Veil Base Ratings:

This product comes in three different colour's which all have different functions. The light purple specifically focuses on uneven skin tone where the light green focuses on redness on the face. As for the one i chose which was the light peach one it does both of the functions the light purple and light green so it is more generally picked by customers.

The formula is a light and oil free liquid formula and it is perfect for all skin types to use. It is super easy to blend out using your fingers. It also has a soft floral scent every pump!!

The packaging is simple and easy to use. The pump bottle of the makeup base makes sure we always get clean products from it!!

I'm not sure of the exact price since i bought this product a while back now but i don't remember it being super expensive or anything. 

Highly recommend this makeup base!! It is one of my favorite liquid formula bases!! 

I'm so tired of uni already and i just simply cannot wait for next week's mid-sem break, even though it won't last very long!!
& Remember guys, the blog link change (i know i sound damn fussy at the moment, but believe me many people still don't know about this!!)
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