Review: Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation [White Plus Renew]

It's been a while since i did a review on a Laneige product and i have so much Laneige products sitting there waiting to be reviewed on so let me get started on them!!Today i will be reviewing Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation [White Plus Renew]. I recently took this out of my makeup collection and used it and i fell back in love with this foundation!!
This foundation has both the whitening and UV protection functions. 
highlighter on the hand, and foundation on the bottle

Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation [White Plus Renew] Ratings:

The shade that i'm using is in #23 Sand Beige. It easily is blended to my skin tone. This product also comes in other shades to to suit your skin tone. 

As described because the formula is liquid-based it melts into the skin. It also has whitening function to give you a bright and moist face. Also it has SPF41 so it can protect my skin from the harmful sun rays & it is also suitable for all skin types!

The packaging is simple and easy to use. The lid of the foundation has a cream highlighter which can be used to highlight specific facial features. And the pump bottle of the foundation is very hygienic!!

I'm not sure of the exact price since i bought this product a while back now but i don't remember it being super expensive or anything. 

Really love using this foundation as it is super easy to blend out using either a foundation brush, stipple brush or even your fingers!! Highly recommend this product as it is suitable for all skin types!

I have tonnes of reviews coming up soon so definitely keep a watch out for my blog!! Still thinking what else to put into my giveaway! Oh by the way...did i mention it's going to be an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY!!? Well now you now haha! And just going to keep reminding everyone about the NEW BLOG LINK & NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL which is to come on the 1st september!!
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