Who is Mr.△LionTony?

☆ Who is LIONTONY?
LionTony, soon to be 20, student, fashion, style, model, lionbro

★ History..?
TonyLion has been my friend since....of gosh i don't know how long! We were actually just plain net friends but it wasn't until high school that we had a mutual friend so we ended up meeting each other officially. From there our relationship developed to become lionsis-bro.
☆ What up with the lion?
Because we both have the same star sign, LEO!

★ Currently?
Anyways, moving along tonylion had just recently started his own blog which is called LIONTONY (the other way around...). He is all about fashion and style but! he also has so much more different hobbies and interest than just that. Recently he has been designing his own print-shirts under his own brand "LION". Check out a few of his designs below though there are many more to come! My favorite is definitely the lion head one and so i'm getting him to make me one too!! If you are interested in getting  one of his custom-made shirts FOLLOW his blog and comment him!
Also follow him on INSTAGRAM- liontony as he updates it so often with style, fashion and photography. Here a a few pic's i stole off him to share with you guys his work~
Wearing his own design shirt 
Wearing his own design shirt

That's all i'm going to post about tonylion today but if you want to get to know him follow his blog at LIONTONY0.
Here is out recent collaboration photo we took in early July.

Updates on my birthday weekend, new makeup tutorial, new bloglink/youtube channel notice and new blog layout posts will be  coming soon!! Stay in touch with me by clicking the FOLLOW button!

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  1. hahaha thanks lionsis! I feel very welcome on blogspot


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