Friday Brunch @ Mad Spuds Cafe O(≧▽≦)O

So today i headed out for another brunch session with my tonylion, suyin and cindy! We headed off to Mad Spuds Cafe
Mad Spuds Cafe Ratings:

The location is quite easy to find but can be a bit far to walk from Central station. I would say it's a good 15minute walk.
479 Crown St., Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
Mon-Sat: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sun: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm 

The menu offers both breakfast and lunch! They range from salad's, nachos and baked potato's aka SPUDS!

All the food was quite reasonably priced from memory as we ordered four dishes and split the bill which ended up being about $16/each.

Highly recommend this place for those who like Mexican food!!

So checking out their menu we ordered dishes from both the breakfast and lunch menu as well as their specialty SPUDS!
So while we were waiting for our food to come out we just chatted away as well as taking photo's of the cafe's interior~ There were so many Mr.Potato Heads in the shop!! 
And here are all the dishes we had ordered to share between the four of us today!
First dish we tucked into was the Mad Spud Stack
Mad Spud Stack Ratings:
The flavors were just right and i must say that it was favorite dish of the day!!! Everything went really well together!!

The cost is quite reasonably at AUD$15

Highly recommend this dish for first timers!

Next we tried the Little Piggy Spud!

Little Piggy Ratings:
The spud was a little bit plain in my opinion so i added tonnes of pepper, because i love pepper, and a squirt of tomato sauce. But i really enjoyed the coleslaw!

This dish cost us AUD$14, it's an alright price but not something i would pay for again.

This dish is quite plain i must say so i won't really recommend this dish as much, though the coleslaw was really nice!!! I pretty much ate all of it since no one was touching it

Moving onto the next dish, we tried the Crispy Corn & Potato Pancake.

Crispy Corn & Potato Pancake Ratings:
This dish was my second favorite of the day!! The flavors were not dull at all and you know me i love eating dishes with smoked salmon in them!!

This dish cost us AUD$18, i know the price is quite costy but definitely worth a try at least once!

This is really unique and i would consider it a light meal since the flavors were not heavy or anything! But i think if the price was a bit cheaper i would be ordering this dish more often! 

Moving onto our lash dish which was their Potato Noachos! I'm a huge fan of nachos because i just love how i get beef, tomato, avocado, onions, etc. in one dish!!! 

Potato Nachos Ratings:
What's different about this nachos to any other nachos is that they use potato skin to replace the corn chips! This dish was really nice as the skin were nice a crispy but because we left this dish to the end the parts that were under the toppings got a bit soggy. Other than that this dish is quite nice as a entree if i must say.

The price again is not too bad AUD$15!!

I highly recommend the potato nachos if you enjoy eating the usual nachos like me!!! It's quite filling and you have the option of choosing vegan or vegetarian if beef is not your thing! 

Anyways so i've been keeping fit and eating healthier lately and i've lost 1kg!! So summer body here i come hahaha! Okay well i do heave my cheat days were one meal i can eat whatever i like! If you'd like to hear more on my dieting meals and all OR have a blog post you'd like we to write about just drop a comment below and i'll get back to you soon!!
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  1. they look sooo yummy >3< and kinda out of my budget D: LOL XD

    1. Try going with a few friends so it won't cost as much :)
      For us 4 dish for $16/person was pretty good!
      Meaning each dish is like $4/each hahah :)

  2. Please let us know your diet tips!!

    1. I'll post the Spring/Summer diet tips up.
      But while you're waiting for it feel free to read the Autumn/Winter diet tips :)


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