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Killing Them Softly is a Crime, Thriller movie. It all starts when their illegal card game is held up, and the life blood of the criminal economy is on the verge of collapse, the mafia calls in enforcer Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt) to fix the situation. Navigating between his indecisive crime bosses and the dim witted lowlifes behind the heist, Cogan moves to restore order, and protect his interests before the situation spirals out of control.
Directed by Andrew Dominik

The main cast of this movie is Brad Pitt and it advised that this movie contains strong violence, drug use, sexual references and coarse language. The official release date is 11 October 2012Watch the trailer here! 
Now i know i'm not a huge fan girl of Brad Pitt but nor do i hate him. But this movie seems quite interesting of how they break the rules and give ito see this move. 
It also has a bit of humor to entertain us, girls, because i know i won't be able to continue watching so much serious-ness for long and might dose off. So i'm actually looking forward to watching this movie!

So come see Killing the Softly at your nearest Hoyts. Mine is Sydney CBD or Chatswood. Also don't forget to check out their Xtremescreen and IMAX and if you are over the age of 18 or if you have a guardian who is over the age of 18 then you should definitely check out their La Premiere!!
Click "HERE" for more information on the synopsis, cast, downloads, gallery, etc.

This morning i woke up to a bright and sunny day and my throat had gotten so much better after taking my medicine! Anyways time to eat my breakkie and think of what to do today!! Maybe another blog post?? or new video?? HMM!!!!
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