Let's get that Moist Sexy Look *(*´∀`*)☆

Does your skin feel hydrated? Do you want to firm and lift your face shape?? Well now you can with Sexy Look's facial masks. Their masks are designed to perfectly fit your face shape while firming your firming and lifting your skin during the process. 
So today i decided to try out the Sexy Look Moisture Mask as i felt my skin was hydrated from the humid weather yesterday and besides I actually woke up around 6:15am or so but i had set my alarm for like 8am and 9am..So i thought why waste this morning when i can do a mask and get ready to head out today!

Sexy Look Moisture Mask Ratings:

After peeling the mask off my skin feels as if its' been pumped up with tonnes of moisture in it!! It also does gift an instant lifting effect making my face shape look more slimmer!!

Mask material: 
The mask material is cotton-based sheet mask and the formula can easy be absorbed into the skin. The design of this 3D Mask is much a better fit then the Sexy Look X Hello Kitty Masks

The aroma of mask has a soft aloe vera smell which is quite relaxing and gentle on the skin. The aloe vera and the tea green extracts work as an antioxidant to prevent and repair the skin. Aloe vera is also good for keeping the skin moist and hydrated.  

I checked on the sasa website and it cost AUD$12.20 for a box of 10 sheets. I personally think this price is reasonably cheap and definitely worth the try!!! Thank you Miwari for the masks!!! 

Highly recommend this mask since the fitting seems to be much better and it's also super moisturising which is perfect to use on days your skin feels dehydrated. Not only that but it gives you an instant V-line shaped face!!

So you're all probably wondering where am i going today?? Well today i'll be out on a date with le kareshi. I'll blog about the places we went too and all later on. And for all the Chinese people out there Happy Mid Autumn Festival「中秋節快樂」!! Have you eaten your月餅with your family yet?? I'll blog about Mid Autumn Festival tomorrow!! Also if you haven't noticed i put up my instagram widget on the left side of my blog, if you wish to follow me just find the username "LAZYPANDAH".
Anyways here's a picture of me to end the post which i took yesterday because i was bored at home.
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