Remove your nail colour with a Sweet Scent & Animania 2012

So here is my first review since i bought these Butter London products. First i'll be reviewing on their nail polish remover since i'll need to start with fresh clean nails to try their nail polishes!! I bought their nail polish remover as a set so it comes with a nail lacquer and i also bought 4 other shades of nail lacquer!!

Butter London Powder Room Acetone Free Lacquer Remover Ratings:

Formula: ★★★★★
The formula is a non-toxic nail lacquer, making it much more safe for us to use onto our nails. 

Aroma: ★★★
It says it has a sweet-smell so i gave it a whiff from the bottle and boy was i wrong!! It smells exactly the same as normal nail polish remover!! So i thought "false advertisement" until i used it i can understand where the sweet smell comes in!! Your nails will have a sweet smelling scent after using the remover and it lasts for quite a while!!

Effect: ★★★

Easily removes all traces of my nail colour like it's nothing at all! 
Packaging: ★★★
The packaging is super cute and probably the most cutest packaging i've seen so far. I love the lace pattern fram around the bottle!  

Price: ★★★ 
I bought this as a set so it comes with a nail lacquer and it only cost me AUD$15 where as shipping was roughly $1.80 (since i bought 4 other Butter London nail polishes on top of this order). The remover itself cost about AUD$8-$10 & the nail polish cost about AUD$14 online, not including shipping!!. So i save $10 or so!!! BARGAIN!


I highly recommend this nail polish remover!! Even if you're not using Butter London's nail lacquer it can remove your nail colour no matter what!! (My previous nail colour was by O.P.I!). I would definitely be purchasing this product again when i run out & see it on sale!!

So today i headed out to Animania as i was to perform on their stage for dance! There were tonnes of amazing cosplayer's there!! & i even saw my older brother's friends there too!! I was confused with all the male cosplaying female characters and i saw the cutest toddler girl cosplay Sakura Haruno from Naruto!
It was a super fun yet tiring day and we all had heaps of fun!!
& OMGSH!! Saw a stall selling LARGE Alpaca Plushies!! Super cute i wanted one!! My friend said they were selling it for $60 though so i was a bit iffy on the price...maybe next time~ Anyways here is a pic if you don't know what i'm talking about!!!
Cotton On, Monotone Chiffon Shirt
Dr. Martin, Shoes 
(bought my DR.M a while ago and this is the first time i wear them!!)
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