Say Bye Bye to Fine Lines with Collagen Crystal Eye Mask JSYY

Another day of no uni so i decided to pamper the skin around my eye area with an eye mask from the collection of masks which Miwari gave me. 
The eye mask is much thinner and slightly smaller now!
Collagen Crystal Eye Mask JSYY Ratings:

After taking the eye mask off i can feel that the skin around my eye area looks more hydrated and moist with some fine lines visibly reduced.

Mask material: 
I LOVE THE MATERIAL! It's a plastic-gel eye mask!! The thickness of the fully absorbed eye mask slowly decreases in size and width as our skin absorbs the serum.

The soft floral scent is quite soothing

Cost: N/A
I actually have no idea where Miwari bought this product so i guess you'll all need to comment her about that. But i'm pretty sure the price would be reasonable otherwise Miwari wouldn't buy it herself unless it contains magical factors! 

Highly recommend this eye mask to those who have fine lines near their eyes!!
This is the end result after using the eye mask. It has reduced in size about to 1/3 
My eye's feel so refreshed after using this mask and now it's time for me to get ready to head out to uni! This morning i read Xiaxue's recent blog post and she is PREGNANT!!  
Eye's feel super refreshed and moist!
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