Review: Holika Holika Egg Soap Special Set White & Daily Updates

Another review of Holika Holika's Egg Soap Special Set from my SASA Hual. Which egg shall i choose this time...?
This time i will be reviewing the White Egg
The White Egg Soap tightens pores, reduce sebum and smooths the skin making is suitable for all skin types!
As usual just add a few drops of water and it will easily foam up then just massage it onto your face.
Charcoal Egg Soap Ratings:

Formula: ★★★★★
The formula for the white egg soap is suitable for all skin types as it tightens pores, control sebum and smooths our skin! When i first used this product it actually gave my skin a stingy feeling  but was durable but after a few more times using this product there was no stinging feeling at all!!

Aroma: ★★★★★
This soap has a nice milky floral scent which is not super strong! 

Effect: ★★★

Love this product!!! My face feels squeaky clean after every wash and my skin also looks brighter and fresher too!! Also my pores have been tighten!! 

Packaging: ★★★
The packaging is really cute as it does look like eggs in a carton box but i guess on the hygienic side it's not as good. 

Price: ★★★
I bought all four different coloured egg soaps for just AUD$19.20!!! The original price is AUD$10.20, which comes with 2 eggs of the same colour only! So i think it's quite a save to get this special set!!!


Highly recommend the white egg soap if you are unsure of your skin type!! It does a wonderful job as a cleanser and it gives you a squeaky clean finish!

Anyways so last night was one of my good friend Max's birthday dinner!! We had dinner at Milliore which is located in Capitol, Sydney, CBD. There was about 30 of us in total and we had an enjoyable night at dinner, meeting new friends and chatting with old friends. Anyways here's a few pictures that i snapped, not much since i was busy eating and chatting!! It's 10pm here now but i'm going to sleep since i have uni starting tomorrow again and what's even worst...early morning starts! 
Good night everyone!
Sennnaa, Miwari, Max
Miwari & Me
Max's birthday cakes :D
Comments are love ♥


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