Review: Sasatinnie Red Wine Moisturizing & Rejuvenating Mask

It's been a while since i last did a facial mask review as i have to admit that i have been busy and yes..lazy these days!! But finally had the time to stay home because i'm sick so no uni for me (yay?) and so i put on a sheet of mask to enjoy the  rest of my afternoon.
Today i went ahead and took a facial mask from my birthday present pack which Miwari had put together for me! I decided to go for something more hydrating and picked out Sasatinnie's Red Wine Moisturizing & Rejuvenating Mask
 So let's put this mask on!! *note, sorry for the bad precision of the mask..i was just extremely lazy to correct it.
Red Winie Moisturizing & Rejuvenation Mask Ratings:

I feel that my skin is really moist after using this mask and would definitely be buying more!!

Mask material: 
The mask material is cotton-based sheet mask which is relevantly thin and easy to apply to the face without ripping. The fitting is quite well on my face therefore making it super easy for my face to absorb the serum!

The aroma of mask has a soft floral scent and no strong wine smell which i think is quite soothing so those who are weak against alcohol the smell won't make you feel dizzy. There is also extra serum inside the packet which you can use to apply to your neck and/or hands

I checked on the sasa website and it cost AUD$7.50 which comes with 10 sheets of mask. But they are currently having an offer where if you purchase 2 quantities of 10 sheets it will only cost AUD$12.30!! Better purchase soon since the offer ends 24th Sept 2012.

I would recommend this especially for those who have dry/delicate skin types as this will give you a boost of moisture to your face! 

Another mask which i'm interested in trying out is the Snail Rejuvenating Mask. Yes i did say SNAIL! Recently it has been discovered that the slime that snail produce have beneficial factors for our skin such as anti-wrinkle, moisture, etc. Have you ever wondered why snails can walk on sharp edged plants without getting any cuts or wounds on their foot? It's all thanks to their slime!! So i'm going to buy some SNAIL beauty products soon and hopefully they are as good as they say!
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