Royal Alice Liddel from Alice:Madness Returns & New Youtube Channel (-^〇^-)

So recently i filmed a new cosplay makeup tutorial and i have finally gotten round to getting it edited and uploaded onto my NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!!

I did Alice Liddel from the game called Alice:Madness Returns
Did you know there is actually a person called Alice Liddel and her father is the original composer of the classic story Alice in Wonderland!?
Anyways this look brings a more dark yet innocent feel since the game suggest that Alice has gone mad?

Hope you guys enjoyed watching the tutorial and leave all your lovely comments below!

Bye, Wonderland awaits me!!
So yes i have a NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL! But i will be uploading a giveaway video on both the new and old channel so that everyone can know about the move!! Spring is on it's way here as the flower buds start to open! Today i don't have uni so it's a good day to continue with my spring cleaning!! So many clothes i have never worn or hardly wear or i just don't wear anymore, i will be having another wardrobe fashion sale!!! But this time even cheaper so click the FOLLOW button to keep updated!! 
Oh yeah did you guys know that DAISO is now opened in Sydney CBD, besides the Chatswood one. It's closest to Central Station. I'll do a more detailed blog post/vlog on it!! Here's a picture for you guys to look forward to.
And of course ending today's post with a picture of ME!
Comments are love ♥


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