Paint the World In Pink with SASA.COMヾ(^∇^)

*Be warned! Blog post is picture heavy!!*
On the 25th October, Thursday evening i was formally invited by the team themselves to attend their Paint the World in Pink event to promote their online shop to Australian customer as well as promote awareness for breast cancer. 
I got there about 6pm and greeted everyone there. I also happened got the chance to meet the 2 other guests who were there. One happened to be Ophelia (aka Ophieeee), who was one of the outstanding entries during last years' Sasa-haulic video contest which i had also entered and the other guest was a Sydney-based blogger Wengie
We all got along very well but Ophieee had to go since she had a flight to catch back to Brisbane. She flew all the way here just for the event!! And did i mention she is super CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
Also one of the 8 models, Toshika, who had won the modelling competition early this year(which i did participate but withdraw later on,) came to the event to help promote too.
photo from Ophieeee

Here are a few pictures from the photographer of the day 


Favorite picture of the day!!
Getting my gift from Vincent!
Anyways so we all were filmed for a small interview introducing products and i must say i was so not camera ready for it hahha~

We also got to talk with the director of e-commerce, Vincent and the assistant marketing manager Wing! They were both super nice!!
As for the rest of the night i got to know Wengie and I have to admit i had no idea who she was at the start....(all Wengie followers please don't hate me!). I sent a photo of me and Wengie to Miwari who was asking me how the event was and she knew who Wengie was!We had so much in common such as reading Singaporean/Malaysian bloggers such as Xiaxue, Qiu Qiu, Cheesie and Audrey, dying our hairs and going shopping, etc. 

Thankyou Vincent!!! Taken with his iphone
I want to thank the Team for inviting me to the event and i hope they will have a store in Sydney one day! But their generosity didn't end there!! They also gave us a big thank you gift!! The gift came with Methode Swiss Amazing Care Set & BRTC SET Gold Caviar Smart BB Auto Make-up Set (valued US$201.9)!
The Team
Here is a recap video from the day!!
Here are the gifts we got!!
Gift Box: Methode Swiss Amazing Care Set & BRTC SET Gold Caviar Smart BB Auto Make-up Set
 BRTC SET Gold Caviar Smart BB Auto Make-up Set
Methode Swiss Amazing Care Set
At the end of the night we took a few more photo's before Wengie and I decided to do a little shopping, after all it was Night Shopping day. I got myself a pair of new earring and a ring!
New earring and ring i bought
 Fashion of the Day
H&M, Dress
Siren, Shoes
Swarovski, Cherry necklace
Forever21, Bow earrings
Brandless, bracelet(friend homemade)
Once again i'd like to thank for this opportunity!!
Moving onto my daily life i'll be getting round to reviewing these two products soon, as my last exam will be on Friday afternoon. Can't wait till the exams over and i shall be having a photoshoot with Miwari (aka. LI-SU) & TonyLion!! 
Also have you guys watched my Halloween nail tutorial if now go watch it now "Here". Remember to Subscribe to my New Youtube Channel, Like my Facebook Page & Follow my Blog for constant updates!!  Anyways i shall end today's blog entry with a picture of me~
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Halloween Themed Nail Art Tutorial ^(#`∀´)_Ψ

Finally a Halloween-related blog entry!! I haven't been blogging much lately as i have been studying for my final 2 exams and i just finished one of them last week and my last one will be this Friday! 
Anyways to bring the Halloween spirit to my blog i decided to do a nail art tutorial with all inspired by Halloween Day.
I like to draw my designs before actually painting them on so i know what i want. 
Taken from my Instagram: lazypandah
So sorry guys i don't think i'll be having any Halloween makeup tutorials this year but i shall make up for it with more makeup video's during the break :)

Anyways i'm super exhausted today, even i didn't do much...
I think it's the heat that is making me feel lazy.
Anyways just going to end today's blog post here and a picture of  me with my hair tied up into dumpling buns!

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Candy Pink Nails (◐ o ◑ )

So yesterday before dance i went on a small splurge for nail polishes!! I bought a total of four nails polish and 3 of them were form MISSHA. Here i bought Pink, Wh001 and BK001.  
 I decided to paint my nails in pink since i'll be attending the promotion booth event tomorrow!!! See here for details on the promotion booth event

Unfortunately my camera was not ale to capture it's true colour with/without flash. But the picture just above captures what the colour would somehow look like on the nails.
top: one coat
bottom: 2-3 coats
in natural sunlight
with flash
Missha The Style Nail Polish, Pink,Ratings:

Colour: ★★★
It's a super cute candy pink but my camera wasn't able to take a picture of the true colour so the pictures of my nails in natural sunlight look much lighter in colour than they do in real life. Just imagine fairy floss or barbie pink

Formula: ★★★
The formula is quite sheer so definitely need at least 2-3 coats and they dry pretty quickly. But i will say that i much prefer my Butter London nail polishes formula better

Packaging: ★★★
The packaging is simple and cute as the bottle is heart/leaf shaped.

Price: ★★★ 
Each bottle cost AUD$3.90 which is relatively cheap for a good nail polish.

Really like this pink and can't wait to flash them at tomorrow's SASA.COM promotion booth event!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts! The past few days i have been studying hard for my final exams!!! But i will be back with more blog posts as soon as my 2 exams are over!! I have a haul video/post which will be coming up soon and halloween video's too! I haven't forgotten about them! Just haven't had the time to film and edit yet! I decided to decorate my nails a bit with a metallic pink nail colour which i will review on soon!! 
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-Sennnaa/Rinnnaa is coming to SYDNEYヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

So few weeks ago I had received an e-mail from one of the staff at wanting me to attend as their "star blogger",(these are the exact word they used for me *EXCITED!*)at their promotional event which will be held in SYDNEY!! The event is for the PINK REVOLUTION! What is the Pink Revolution? Well October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. Pink Revolution is Hong Kong Cancer Fund's annual breast cancer awareness and fundraising campaign in line with the global initiative for breast cancer. will be having a 7 day promotion booth at World Square Courtyard from the 22nd October to 28th October in order to expose their online shop, SASA.COM, to Australian shoppers, such as myself.
So why come??

There will be free samples, coupons and discount vouchers distributed out on the days and come on who doesn't love free stuff!! Also those who are registered with will be able to join in the lucky draws.Come check their facebook event "HERE" or go onto the SASA.COM website "HERE"
Also it's a chance for all my Sydney followers/subscribers to meet me in person as I will be there for the gift-giving ceremony, lucky draws and beauty sharing sessions on the 25th October THURSDAY as's Star Blogger, so i hope to see you guys all there!

So if you want all the inside scoop of the promotional booth FOLLOW my blog, SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel/s and LIKE my facebook page!! So Let's Paint The World In Pink together!!

As you can see i tried to keep this blog entry as pink as possible but i guess i failed towards the end. So i'm just going to end the second blog post for today here!! If you haven't checked out my previous blog entry for today do so now by clicking "HERE" or keep scrolling down!!
Fashion of the day 
H&M, tank top
b + ab, studded shorts
Siren, coral platform wedges
Vivienne Westwood, bag
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BBQ-ing at Bassim Restaurant└(=^‥^=)┐

Today i will be reviewing on a korean BBQ restaurant which is recently new around Chatswood. It is called Bassim Restaurant and focuses on BBQ-ing.  
Their menu doesn't offer many cooked dishes as their main selling point is bqq-ing on the table. 

Bissim Ratings:

The location is super easy to find as it is at The Concourse. Also there is one in Strathfield too!! 
Victoria Ave, Chatswood
Sydney 2067 NSW
Cnr Raw Square & Churchill Ave,
Strathfield, Sydney 2135

Have a great range of food for BBQ but not much food for those who want a already cooked dish, which in my case i didn't like as much. Also they don't have several plates of side dishes like many other korean restaurants which disappointed me, they only offered the cabbage salad and kimchi. 

There was about 20 of us but we all had to pay a total of about $34/each which in my opinion was quite expensive. 

Besides the location being 5 stars, i don't think i would come back here as often since the pricing itself is not so cheap and i really do like my side dishes and cooked dishes too.

 Their utensils are located on the side of the table in the drawer. 
 Kimichi Ratings:
Taste: ★★★★★
Another shop which offers great kimchi! It's not too spicy and it's not to vingery?

Cost: ★★★

Overall: ★

Marinated Scotch Fillet Steak Ratings:

Taste: ★★★
The beef was tender and easy to chew on. The flavours were fresh as it was not marinated as strong.

Cost: ★★★
This dish cost AUD$18 and you get about 4 average sized pieces of steak.

Overall: ★
This dish is quite ordinary overall so doesn't really matter if you order this one or not. 

Thin sliced fatty pork belly Ratings:

Taste: ★★★
The flavours were fresh but because we didn't get any marinated flavored pork it was quite ordinary. 

Cost: ★★
This dish cost AUD$15 which is quite expensive for a small plate of pork belly.

Overall: ★
I wouldn't recommend this dish since you could just buy the pork belly at the supermarket and cut them up and eat them at home, and it wouldn't have to cost you AUD$15!
 Rice Ratings:

Taste: ★★★
I like how they used purple rice as it seems much more healthier to eat and bbq here. 

Cost: ★★★
Not sure of the price but i'm just going to range it from AUD$1-$2.

Overall: ★
Overall highly recommend rice as just bbq-ing can get your taste buds getting bored of it. 

Anyways i had a fun and enjoyable night here with my mum but i'm sure we won't be coming back here for a while as the pricing is just overpriced. Anyways a few more pictures from the night.
My wrap :)
Super exciting news which i will be announcing in my second blog post which i will post as soon as i come back from dance this afternoon!! I'm sure a few of guys may know what's happening though! Anyways i shall end the post here for now and i'll see you again in my next blog entry!!! 
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