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So as promised here is the Kuaizi's High Tea review post!!
I had recently bought a few coupons to go for high tea at a restaurant called Kuaizi, which means chopstick in chinese. I used one coupon with the kareshi, and another i used just yesterday as  with a few of my friends. The coupons we used yesterday were slightly different to the one used with the kareshi as the one used with the kareshi was catered for 2 people and yesterdays' one was catered for 6 people
. And if you go now you won't see the Giant Rilkkakuma head anymore!! I was quite sad that they took it down :(
Taken off my INSTAGRAM: lazypandah

Kuaizi Modern Fusion Cuisine Restaurant Ratings:

The location of the place is super easy to find and it is about a 10 minute walk from Town Hall station.
321-325 Sussex St,
Sydney 2000 NSW
Phone: (02) 9283 8825
Trading Hours: Monday- Sunday, Lunch- 12-3pm, High Tea 12-6pm, Dinner 6-10pm

There were 3 different types of High Tea Set menu which differed in only their sandwiches, although their site does say they have different cakes which they actually don't. As for tea's they offered both English and Chinese tea's.

Because i had bought a coupon it was super cheap!! All under $20 per person and comes with a complimentary glass of wine for each person! But without the coupon it will cost $45 per person plus no complimentary wine.

Highly recommend this place if you ever see the coupons up for grabs! Definitely recommend getting only the catering for 2 people as it seems they give more food.
I wasn't expecting any difference for the high tea sets and all but boy was i different!! The catering for 6 had so much more less items compared to the catering for 2 people! There were only 3 sandwiches on the bottom tier, one scone, 2 small cupcakes, 4 chocolate cakes on the middle tier and fruits looked quite a lot but it was all spread out to seem that way.Most of us went there empty stomach and quite hungry so we weren't expecting this to completely fill us. Nevertheless it managed to fill our hunger spots up but i was not very happy with this coupon as much! Definitely much better to buy catering for 2! Okay so here are the reviews for both the catering for 2 and catering for 6.

Catering for 2 coupon, with the kareshi
Catering for Two High Tea Set, Ratings:
Taste: ★★★★★
So the bottom tier the sandwiches were quite big as they used 3 pieces of bread and there were a total of 4 of them! On the desert teir there were 2 scones,  2 caramel slices, 2 chocolate brownies, 2 cupcakes, 2 pastry puffs. On the top tier were the assorted fruits where there was a whole kiwi fruit (cut in half), 5 watermelon pieces, 5 orange pieces and a small amount of grapes. We also got a pot of tea and a complimentary glass of wine.

Cost: ★★★
This cost us AUD$19.50 per person. Super Cheap for a filling high tea set!

Overall: ★
After my first experience there my impression of it was simply blown away by all the generous amount of food, setting and atmosphere here!!
Catering for 6 coupon, 1 high tea set/pair
Catering for Six High Tea Set, Ratings:
Taste: ★★★★★The pot of tea and a complimentary glass of wine was all the same but the 3 tier of food was not! The bottom tier the sandwiches were the same but there was only 3! On the desert tier there was only one scones,  2 chocolate brownies and 2 cupcakes. On the top tier were the assorted fruits where there was a few slices kiwi fruit , 5 watermelon pieces, 5 orange pieces and 2 slices of apple. 

Cost: ★★★
The cost is quite reasonably at AUD$17 per person. 

Overall: ★
My second experience here i was not very happy at all. The food sizes had decreased making us all feel unsatisfied because it did not completely fill in our hunger spot. Hence it is best to purchase the catering for 2 and pay a few extra dollars for more food!
So my friends and i just took our time catching up over tea and food and enjoying the atmosphere and conversations happening. 
After high tea we decided to head off to the Sydney Fish Market since a dear friend of mine has never been before, and he has lived here for quite some time (which was similar to how i had never gone up to see the Opera House in person until recently). 
As we left the restaurant and said bye to one of our friend we took the light rail to the Fish Market. It was a short trip so we got there really quickly and when we arrived we just took a look around the whole place before deciding what to eat.
In the end we bought half a dozen of oysters with caviar, wakame seaweed and a seafood platter. We had another nice catch up talk on life and uni while digging into our seafood and we managed to finish everything! We finished all the food around 4pm and I was so full that i didn't really eat much during dinner with mum, yet again in the city. Had a super fun yet tiring day!! 
taken from my INSTAGRAM: lazypandah

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