Candy Pink Nails (◐ o ◑ )

So yesterday before dance i went on a small splurge for nail polishes!! I bought a total of four nails polish and 3 of them were form MISSHA. Here i bought Pink, Wh001 and BK001.  
 I decided to paint my nails in pink since i'll be attending the promotion booth event tomorrow!!! See here for details on the promotion booth event

Unfortunately my camera was not ale to capture it's true colour with/without flash. But the picture just above captures what the colour would somehow look like on the nails.
top: one coat
bottom: 2-3 coats
in natural sunlight
with flash
Missha The Style Nail Polish, Pink,Ratings:

Colour: ★★★
It's a super cute candy pink but my camera wasn't able to take a picture of the true colour so the pictures of my nails in natural sunlight look much lighter in colour than they do in real life. Just imagine fairy floss or barbie pink

Formula: ★★★
The formula is quite sheer so definitely need at least 2-3 coats and they dry pretty quickly. But i will say that i much prefer my Butter London nail polishes formula better

Packaging: ★★★
The packaging is simple and cute as the bottle is heart/leaf shaped.

Price: ★★★ 
Each bottle cost AUD$3.90 which is relatively cheap for a good nail polish.

Really like this pink and can't wait to flash them at tomorrow's SASA.COM promotion booth event!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts! The past few days i have been studying hard for my final exams!!! But i will be back with more blog posts as soon as my 2 exams are over!! I have a haul video/post which will be coming up soon and halloween video's too! I haven't forgotten about them! Just haven't had the time to film and edit yet! I decided to decorate my nails a bit with a metallic pink nail colour which i will review on soon!! 
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