Halloween Themed Nail Art Tutorial ^(#`∀´)_Ψ

Finally a Halloween-related blog entry!! I haven't been blogging much lately as i have been studying for my final 2 exams and i just finished one of them last week and my last one will be this Friday! 
Anyways to bring the Halloween spirit to my blog i decided to do a nail art tutorial with all inspired by Halloween Day.
I like to draw my designs before actually painting them on so i know what i want. 
Taken from my Instagram: lazypandah
So sorry guys i don't think i'll be having any Halloween makeup tutorials this year but i shall make up for it with more makeup video's during the break :)

Anyways i'm super exhausted today, even i didn't do much...
I think it's the heat that is making me feel lazy.
Anyways just going to end today's blog post here and a picture of  me with my hair tied up into dumpling buns!

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