Korean Dinner at Madang (^ Q ^)/゛

So since i did a more detail review of Kauizi i'm finally doing my new favorite korean restaurant which the kareshi took us to dinner which i mentioned in my anniversary blog entry. 
So we went to Madang which is located in the heart of the city on Pitt street. It has both an outside and inside area to sit, as for me i prefer to outside even though the night i went it was freezing cold and i was wearing shorts. Although we sat outside it was really cozy as the plastic blinds blocked out all the wind and the food made us really warm too. 
Sydnay Madang, Korean Cuisine & Charcoal BBQRatings:

The location is well located but can be a bit tricky to find since it is located behind some taller buildings.
371A Pitt Street,
Sydney NSW 2000
Mon-Sun: 11:30 am - 12:00am

The menu offers so many different dishes that i wanted to try so many things out but just didn't have the space to stuff more food in.

The price for dishes ranged from $13-$42 depending on what you order. So not the most cheapest korean food around but definitely worth the price.


I love the place!! It has that Korean shop feel in Korea (which i have been to before) and i love it!! Other than the price the food and place is amazing!!

As usual after ordering they gave us the complimentary side dishes which included potato, kimchi, vinegar cabbage, tofu strips and wakame?
Since we were still quite fool from lunch we only ordered a few things which included a light meal, sizzling dish and hotpot to warm the night up. 

Seafood and Shallot Pancake Ratings:
Taste: ★★★★★
The best korean seafood pancake i've ever had so far!! Super love this!! And this was only a size SMALL but it was quite a bit for us!

Cost: ★★★
This pancake cost roughly $14 if i remember correctly.

Overall: ★
Highly recommend this pancake, they do offer a vegetarian pancake but the kareshi and i loves shallots so we went with seafood.

Next item that came to our table was the marinated chili chicken sizzling dish. I'm sorry if that's not the exact name of the dish

Marinated Chili Chicken Sizzling dish Ratings:
Taste: ★★★★★
I love chili spicy food so i really enjoyed eating this! It's packed with flavor so best to eat this with rice.

Cost: ★★★
The cost was about $20? or so~

Overall: ★
Highly recommend to those who are spicy food lovers!!

Okay and our last item came which was the baby octopus and marinated beef hotpot!!

Baby Octopus & Marinated Beef Hotpot Ratings:
Taste: ★★★★★
The soup has a really clear taste which was not bland at all even with all the ingredients packed into it. 

Cost: ★★★
The hotpot cost AUD$40 which is quite a lot for a hotpot.

Overall: ★
Even though the cost is quite expensive it was definitely super delicious to consume with a small group of friends! Highly recommend this hotpot! 

I had a mother-daughter outing as we headed out to the city for high tea, once again at Kuaizi, then we went shopping around Myers & David Jones and I bought a new dress from REVIEW!! Of course after a tiring day of shopping we soon headed for dinner where we decided to eat at SOKYO (located at The Star) which i will be doing a full review on that very soon! Anyways just going to end this post with a fresh picture of me! 
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