Le Anniversary with the Kareshi (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

So cutting the story short,exactly 2 weeks ago me and the kareshi celebrated our 2nd year anniversary. We headed off to the city for both lunch and dinner. 
Before lunch we decided to go the the Opera House, which i have never been to in my entire life time even though i've lived in Sydney my whole time! So it was a really exciting time for me. When we got there it was extremely windy and i felt like every step i took was just being controlled by the winds pushing me forwards. I took pictures to embrace my first time there and i also saw a wedding being held too! It was a beautiful yet windy day near the sea but not as windy when we were more inner city. 

When lunch time approached we headed back to Chinatown as i had booked high tea for lunch, since i bought a coupon recently, at an Asian-fusion restaurant called Kuaizi(which i just realised means chopsticks in mandarin...)

I was super happy when i saw that they had a HUGE Rilakkuma head in their top cabinet for display! 
There was even jazz music playing in the background to really set us in the mood of relaxation.
The GIANT Rilakkuma Head!!

The place was simply breathe taking as i wasn't expecting it to be so classy with a unique sense of an asian style to it. I definitely was not dressed properly for their setting, since i was in a t-shirt and shorts. Next time definitely will be dressing up.

High Tea Set C
Top tier: Assorted Fruits
Middle tier: Cakes & Scones
Bottom tier: Tuna Sandwiches
Photo taken by the kareshi

The food was quite nice and my favorite was definitely the scones! I'll go onto more detail review of Kuaizi's High Tea maybe tomorrow night since i'll be going again a few friends, since i couldn't resist going a few more times since the coupons were such a bargain!

Complimentary "Bubbly"
Vanilla X Chocolate cupcakes

After lunch we decided to just chill at Hyde park where we just talk and enjoyed the sun, air, grass and the surroundings until dinner time.

So as for dinner the kareshi brought me to a korean restaurant and it is now my new favorite Korean restaurant now! I shall blogged about the food in my next few blog post too.
Photo taken by the kareshi
Anyways so after dinner we just walked around the city relaxing and all until we decided we should go home and relax our tired feets for the day. I had an extremely fun time!

Fashion of the Day「290912」
Adidas, T-shirt
b + ab, Studded shorts
Nike, Shoes
Vivienne Westwood, Bag
Acc. "SEXY" cap, diamantes bow earrings

Anyways so i official made a FACEBOOK PAGE!! Yay! I will be filming some Halloween video's soon!! Also got my new nail colour done and loving it! But i shall end today's post here tonight.

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  1. Wow~ Happy belated anniversary! c:
    It's amazing that you two have been together for two years! >u<

    It looks like you guys had an AMAZING day. Kuaizi seems like a great restaurant with good atmosphere! c: Of course, the Rilakkuma head adds bonus points. ;D

    I love Korean BBQ too~ >u<

    1. Thank you :)
      I recently went to kuaizi again but they didn't have the rilakkauma head anymore, so sad :(


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