Spanish Dinner at Encasa Σ(▼□▼メ)

So 2 weeks ago i headed off to a Spanish restaurant in the city for my friend Suyin's 20th birthday. All the food was out of the banquet menu costing roughly $35/person. 
Encasa Ratings:

The location is quite easy to find and close to World Square. 
423 Pitt Street,
Sydney 2000 NSW

Because it was a banquet we got 8-9 dishes excluding the salad and garlic bread. As for the food in general i did not like it as much as it was quite salty so i guess i'm not a fan of spanish food?

There was about 20 of us but we all had to pay a total of about $34/each which in my opinion was quite expensive. 

Personally i did not really like the meal as much as it was a bit too salty for my taste but other than that i did have a fun night there. 
Sangrila Ratings:
Taste: ★
Um...i was not really sure of the taste but after taking one sip i stopped and just drank water instead.

Overall: ★
Because i wasn't really sure what i was drinking so i'm not sure if i'd really recommend this drink.

Salads Ratings:
Taste: ★★★★
The salads were really nice and i enjoyed the cook capsicum with the fetta cheese. 

Overall: ★
Highly recommend getting salad as majority of the dishes were quite salty so the salad will definitely help with toning down the saltiness. 

Aceitunas(olives) Ratings:
Taste: ★
Extremely salty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i wasn't really a fan of olives to begin with.

I highly do not recommend this!! Unlike you like the salty taste and olives.

Chorizo a la Plancha(grilled Spanished sausage) Ratings:
Taste: ★★★
The sausages were freshly grilled and were alright in taste as they were not too salty.

Overall: ★
These are alright, nothing special.

Garlic Bread Ratings:
Taste: ★★★★★
I loved the crispy crust of the garlic bread and it tasted really nice. 

Overall: ★
Highly recommend the garlic bread as it fills the mouth with the lovely garlic aroma from the bread.

Tortilla Espaňola(omelette w/potato & onion) Ratings:
Taste: ★★★★
There were two types of this where one had shallots and the other didn't. These were not so bad but a bit plain in my opinion.

Overall: ★
Will recommend this as it is not as salty as all the other dishes. 

Champiňones al Ajilo(garlic mushrooms) Ratings:
Taste: ★★★★
I really love eating mushrooms and garlic so i enjoyed this dish but sadly the mushroom taste was overwhelmed by the garlic so i pretty much felt like i was eating garlic throughout.

Overall: ★
Will recommend this unless you don't like garlic. 

Patatas Bravas(fried potato w/garlic mayonnaise & spicy tomato) Ratings:
Taste: ★★★
One of the dishes i actually found quite nice since it pretty much tasted like potato chips~

Overall: ★
This dish was alright and would recommend this.

Sevillanas(Prawn in Spicy Tomato) Ratings:
Taste: ★★★
The prawns were succulent and i quite enjoyed the flavors of this dish though it could have been marinated a bit longer so the flavors could sink into the prawns 

Overall: ★
I would recommend this dish if you like seafood. 

Pinchos de Pollo con Mojo(chicken fillet skewers)Ratings:
Taste: ★★★
This chicken skewers were average in taste, i guess it was the paste sauce made it better.

Overall: ★
This dish was quite average but one of the best meat dishes for the night.

Pinchos Morunos(lamb fillets skewers marinated in Morocan spices) Ratings:
Taste: ★★
These were extremely salty in taste and has a strong lamb meat smell.

Overall: ★
I wouldn't really recommend these, especially if you are not a fan of lamb meat since this has a strong lamb meaty smell.

Happy birthday to Suyin, here's the Matcha green tea cake we got her. After dinner it we headed off to the party and danced our night away with laughter, fun and photo's!~

My last day of uni!! Yippee!! After today i'm going to get my OTAKU-ness on and get all my anime lined up to watch. And i shall get those Halloween video's up soon! PROMISE! Just been busy with all the last week of uni since it's the week where most of my assignments are due!
Remember to read my next blog entry for tomorrow as there will be exciting news for all my Sydney readers!!! Okay i'll end this blog post here for today! 
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