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So when i was in Hong Kong earlier this year i wanted re-purchase Cure's Natural Aqua Gel at Watsons but they no longer stocked the product, maybe because of the radioactive pollution in Japan back then. 
So i came across this product while i was shopping in City Super and it does the exact same thing as the Cure's Natural Aqua Gel!! So i was gobsmacked and i bought 2 bottles and it came with a free cellulite massage sponge. 
The product
The balls of dead skin


The consistency of the product is gel-like but is slightly more solid compared to Cure's gel.Unlike the Cure one the Mangasteen one has micro beads in it and has a sweet fragrance when you pump the product out.I think i prefer Cure's liquidy gel-like formula better as it is easier to spread with fewer pumps. I usually take 2-3 pumps since the formula is more solidified and  massage it onto my face. Balls of dead skin start to clump up together, removing all the unwanted dead skin so that my new skin can grow easily and absorb my skincare product efficiently. After massaging for a minute or two I rinse my face with luke-warm water.

My skin definitely feels cleaner and smoother allowing my daily skincare products to be absorbed much more better!!

I love the packaging as it is a pump bottle and it has a stopper to stop if from pumping if you intend to bring it on the go for holidays or trips.

From the top of my memory these were reasonably priced per bottle. But best to go check city super for their prices just in case! You can find this product on ebay for about AUD$30 which is pricer than the in store price.

Highly recommend this product if you cannot find the Cure's Natural Aqua Gel. Personally i prefer Cure's gel but this works exactly the same and much more cheaper. (Cure's on ebay is about AUD$40-$50!). I guess the only bad thing is that besides ebay and city super i have no idea where else to get this product online. 

Anyways i only have 2 weeks left of uni and i handed in my report yesterday and it felt so good to have that off my back now and this morning i finished my self reflection essay. So a presentation due tomorrow, one japanese speech to present next week and one more essay to type up before uni ends! I'm almost there!! Holidays i will see you very soon!!
I also had the time to wash all my makeup brushes since i haven't washed them in a while. If you'd like to know how i wash my makeup brushes just comment me below or send me an e-mail.
SYDNEY'S TOPSHOP WILL OFFICIALLY BE OPENING THEIR DOORS TOMORROW AT 9AM! Unfortunately i have my presentation to do in the morning so no freebies for me. But i shall head down after i'm done with uni for the day to check it out!!!It's been a while since i shared a fashion of the day photo so here is one i took a few days ago. The last few posts have been pictures of me with the very same makeup, hair and clothing's i don't plan on blogging about it since i was just bored that day and decided to dress up and take some photos and not waste the lovely weather~
Fashion Of the Day
Dolledelight, Bow
Liz Lisa, playsuit
Sportsgirl, sheer pink socks
Rubi, mint suede heels
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