Lip & Nail Polish Haul ヾ(。・ω・。)

Good morning everyone!
It is currently 8:29am in the morning and i decided why not do an early blog entry before i head out for the whole day! 
So today i will just be sharing my recent video which i had filmed which is my haul on lip and nail products! 
Within 2 days i bought over 6 lip products from both Target and Priceline as they were both having sales, and as for me i cannot resist a sale, especially when it comes to makeup. 
I purchased the butter london nail polishes with my nail polish addict-friend Stella(she is a huge addict!!). We both purchased different shades which caught our attention and most of mine were mostly the metallic sort of shades.
Anyways let me stop babbling and i'll let you guys watch the full video instead! 

Anyways it's time for me to head out as i have a whole day planned out ahead of me!! Bye!
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Italian Breakfast at Bruschetteria 102 ▽・ω・▽

This morning i headed off to the city to have a catch up breakfast meal with a friend of mine who will be going off to America with her family, on holidays for 2 months. I decided to take her to Bruschetteria 102 on Albion Street. 
I love the whole atmosphere of the place as it is super homey, cozy and has a few vintage items there!! The weather today was very cloudy and by the time we finish our meal it started sprinkling. 
Bruschetteria 102 Ratings:

The location is about a 10 minute walk from Central station or about 2 minute bus ride from Central station. 
102 Albion St,
Surry Hills,
2010, NSW

They offer meals from breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, but since i went for breakfast we were given the breakfast/brunch menu. There was quite a few dishes to select from. 

The cost was a little costy in my opinion but in general i think it was worth every penny as i loved the Li Mortacci sandwich!!!! 

Highly recommend this place for brunch!! Not only is the food and coffee great, the customer service was excellent!! The italian brothers were super nice and such a happy and cheerful bunch of people! 
I love the interior of this place as it gives a really cozy and homey-kind of feel. I really enjoyed my stay here
 We took our time to look around and looked at the menu to see what we should eat. 
We ordered our drinks first, I got the Nutella Coffee since i've never heard any of cafe that i know of have this, as for my friend she got the chai latte. 
Since i didn't take a sip of my friend's latte i can't review on it but here is my review on the Nutella Coffee.
Nutella Coffee Ratings:
Taste: ★★★★★
I'm not really a hot coffee kind of person but because this had nutella in it i loved every single sip of this coffee!! It was not bitter at all and no need to add extra sugar!! Loved it!

Cost: ★★
This cost AUD$4 but if you add an extra 50 cent you can get the large size, but for me the size they offered was enough for me. I found the price slightly expensive since coffee usually cost around $2-$3.50 but this was definitely worth it! 

Overall: ★
Highly recommend this coffee if you are a chocolate lover yet can't really take in the bitterness of the coffee, like me!

As we chatted away our food came~~!
Salmon & Egg Bruschette Ratings:
Taste: ★★★★★
One of my favorite italian dishes is bruschetta, as for the salmon and egg bruschette it was really nice!! This was off their breakfast menu. We also added mushrooms and avocado which cost and extra $3 per ingredient/s.

Cost: ★★
The bruschette cost AUD$12 but the extra ingredients were a bit expensive at $3 per ingredient.

Overall: ★
I would definitely recommend this to my friends who want a lighter breakfast!

 Li Mortacci Ratings:
Taste: ★★★★★
Li Mortacci is a some kind of pork and this sandwich was AMAZING! The balsamic vinegar added that extra zing in our mouth and this was absolutely fantastic! 

Cost: ★★
This cost AUD$10, which i found super cheap for such an amazing meal!!  

Overall: ★
Highly recommend this dish as it really opened up my appetite!!

Before we left the cafe for a mini shopping session i headed to the bathroom and there i saw a poster of Elvis Presley! The bathroom itself was super clean, and it's one of those male/female bathroom too. The bathroom also had some air freshener's and it had a really relaxing smell, there was also a candle which had a moustache on it.
Such wonderful customer services!!
So after breakfast we went and did some mini shopping before heading off home. I decided to film a haul video of my latest purchase since i had time on my hand and i didn't want to waste the makeup i had for the morning. Anyways here is the trailer clip to the haul video!!!
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Perfect Complexion with a simple 1, 2, 3 ヘ(^o^ヘ)

Bourjois is one of my favorite drug store brands and whenever the brand goes on sale at Priceline, Target, Kmart, their website or ASOS i love to stock up on a few items as well as try out the new ones too! 
To start off, the first item i will be reviewing from my personal Bourjois collection is the 1, 2, 3 Perfect Foundation. I recently bought this foundation from ASOS as they were having a sale and they tend to be cheaper than buying them at the shops.
The foundation comes with a pump nozzle so that every use is clean!!
The tone i bought was number 53 in Light Beige.
Bourjois, 1,2,3 Perfect Foundation Ratings:

The shade that i bought was called Light Beige but because if you decide to purchase at the shops then it is shade number 53. The shade seemed a bit light when i pumped it onto my hand but when i applied it to my face it was the perfect shade for my skin tone! The foundation also comes in 8 other shades so i'm sure there is a shade for you!!

The formula is super light, non-greasy and is easy to blend out evenly onto the face with your fingers or foundation brush. It's not your usual thick liquid foundation rather it's a more watery-liquid based foundation. It also has 3 different pigmentation which counterattack all your flaws such as dark circles, redness and dullness. The coverage of this foundation is superb! With the smallest amount i can cover a huge area. My entire complexion seems brighter every time i use it and it looks as if i'm not wearing any foundation at all because it has such a natural finish.It also has SPF10 and it does not dry out my skin for the whole day as it has a 24hr hydration function, allowing our skin to breathe which makes it suitable for all skin types. 

The packaging is simple and light therefore it's easy to take it with you when you are on-the-go!

I found the price extremely cheap as it only cost me AUD$18 on ASOS and Bourjois to me is consider a high end drug store brand as their products are amazing!! You can purchase the exact same foundation at Priceline, Target, Kmart, etc. but it will cost about double the price, at AUD$32, which i find is a rip off. 

This is currently my favorite foundation and i use it daily as it's super light yet it has amazing results. It manages to cover any of my flaws such as dark circles, redness, blemishes and after using it my complexion looks bright with a healthy glow! I definitely will be using this foundation throughout the summer!!!

Today i decided to do a mini photo shoot since it was super sunny today and i didn't want to waste such good lightning . While i was taking photo's outside i could feel the boiling hot sun and i'm melting away as i'm typing this blog up! Anyway tomorrow i will be going on a picnic with le kareshi, since he will be on holidays soon and i should be taking a few photo's then so yeah! 
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HyunA Ice Cream MV Makeup O(≧▽≦)O

Hello there everyone!! So last Sunday i finally got my camera and makeup set out to play with to film my first look for the upcoming summer season, which i'm going to embrace because i bought a new bikini!! Now all i need is my toned bikini body, which i have been slowly achieving since my spring/summer holidays had started!!
Anyways getting back onto topic, the first makeup tutorial i decided to film since my holidays had started is Hyuna's Ice Cream MV Makeup Mickey Mouse Look!
I love her cute and playful side which is why i chose to do this look first as it'd be perfect to wear in the summer season. I also managed to do her sexy seductive (okay mine may not be as seductive as her but at least  i tried) when she was playing around with all the bubbly bubbles! So i'll stop here for now and let you guys enjoy watching the video first!!
When i uploaded a few photo's of this look onto my instagram a friend of mine thought i actually cut and dyed my hair but I didn't actually cut or dye my hair for this video~ I'm just wearing a wig which i recently bought but when i got the wig the fringe was super long that it went past my chin so i had to cut the bangs myself and it was my very FIRST time cutting anything close to hair, in this case a wig and it took me 1.5hrs to cut it to my liking! I must say it seemed like forever just to cut it as i went slow and steady because i didn't want to cut off too much at one time just in case i accidentally cut off too much! So i cut it inch by inch and tried it on and off until i finally got it to the right length! *phew~ wipes sweat off forehead!* okay maybe not but you get me...yeah?
Next blog post will most likely be a review post on the Smart BB & Artist Auto Makeup Set!! All i will tell you now is that i'm loving it!!!!!!!!!!! Okay here are some more pictures of me to end this post for today!

I hope everyone enjoyed this blog entry as it has been forever since my last makeup tutorial!!! 
Today i headed out to the gym again and then did some shopping around and bought myself a gold skirt and a peplum cream white dress for only $10/each!!!! I also went and bought some new lipsticks and sales were crazy!! Many colours had gone out of stock because they were trying to clear the racks for new lipsticks to come up! But i managed to pick up 6 lipsticks and also 3 baby lip balms! Pictures of my little surge soon!!
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Accessories Haul (=^・ω・^)y=

It has been over a year since i last did a haul video so here i'm sharing my recent buys which were all relatively cheap due to sales or they were just a bargain buy and yes they are all ACCESSORIES!! 
I love my accessories
I love buying accessories as i feel incomplete without wearing any when i'm dressed up. Anything which is bold, different and daring i'd buy it straight away, and of course anything that i don't have in my collection too. 

If you're wondering where i bought these pieces just watch my video now so i'll talk less and let you guys watch it!

Finally got filming!! Filmed a makeup tutorial today and here is a sneak peak. 
I'm sure the spade pattern gave it away but yeah, hope you look forward to it! OH it's now 11:11PM (make a wish!). And now i'm going to head off to bed and dream of fluffy unicorns pooping fairy floss and farting rainbows! Good night world!

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Review: Sasatinnie Aloe Vera & Apple Green Soothing and Hydrating Mask

It feels like it's been forever since my last facial mask review as i have been super lazy to put them on, but now that the holidays have already started i need to start pampering my skin! 
So today i decided to put on Sasatinnie's Aloe Vera & Green Apple Soothing and Hydrating Mask as my skin has been feeling quite dehydrated from the weather. As you can see it has so much serum even after putting the mask on, so don't waste it and apply it to your neck, hands, arms and legs if you must.

Sasatinnie, Aloe Vera & Apple Green Soothing and Hydrating Mask Ratings:

After peeling the mask off my skin i feel so much more fresher and hydrated. My skin also has a nice glow to it. 

Mask material: 
The material of this mask is cotton yet it is very thing so the serum is easily absorbed into our skin! 

I love the smell of this mask as it is really soothing and relaxing. There is also so much serum on the mask, like dripping wet, and also tonnes inside the packet, so don't waste it and apply it to your neck, arms, legs, etc. 

I checked on the sasa website and it cost AUD$7.50 for a box of 10 sheets, in my opinion, is super affordable and a bargain if i must say so myself but once again i got this mask from Li-Su(aka Miwari). 

Highly recommend this mask for those who have dry skin or for those who just feel like all the moisture from your face has been sucked dry. The price is super cheap and 10 sheets could last you a while. 

Sorry for the late blog entries as i've been so busy with gyming and dancing, and when i come home i'm just too exhausted to jump onto my blog and use more energy. But i promise you, i will blog more from now on! And i will be filming a new makeup tutorial this weekend so look forward to that, and now i'm off to get ready to head out to the city for a lunch date.
I love the morning's, because i love the feeling of a freshly clean face :)
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Two Flowers Dancing in the Forest Photoshoot

So it has been a while since my last photoshoot as most of my friends and i were getting ready for our final examinations and all. But now that most of my friends have finished their exams, Miwari Chika and I got together on the Monday, 5th November and did a small fun photoshoot. Also for those who know about Miwari she has changed and moved her blog as of today and she now goes by Li-Su. As a small celebration of her moving i have uploaded a few more pictures of her (than myself)
Getting back on topic, the location i chose was the same as my last photoshoot but with tonylion, A Monet Story|The More Youthful Days. As you can see compare the background from the last photoshoot to my most current one with Li-Su, the dying grey arched branches is now all covered in green making it seem like a mystical forest and just after winter ended it was a sea of purple as all the flowers had just bloomed, unfortunately i wasn't able to photoshoot then as i had assessments and finals coming up. Anyways enough of me talking and here a few pictures from our photoshoot on Monday.  
Li-Su was going for a sexy chic look whereas I just went for the fun cute and girly look. I think we pulled them off time we're going to swap rolls~ :P
My favorite picture out of the batch!
Taken from my Instragram: LAZYPANDAH

Sorry for the belated blog entry as i have been busy going out gyming to keep fit for this summer! But today i'm taking a break from it as it is time for my late spring cleaning to make some space for my new clothes, accessories, etc.
To end this blog post here is a picture from my INSTAGRAM of cute pomeranian's i saw yesterday after gyming with Li-Su. I miss my pompom too nows :'(
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