HyunA Ice Cream MV Makeup O(≧▽≦)O

Hello there everyone!! So last Sunday i finally got my camera and makeup set out to play with to film my first look for the upcoming summer season, which i'm going to embrace because i bought a new bikini!! Now all i need is my toned bikini body, which i have been slowly achieving since my spring/summer holidays had started!!
Anyways getting back onto topic, the first makeup tutorial i decided to film since my holidays had started is Hyuna's Ice Cream MV Makeup Mickey Mouse Look!
I love her cute and playful side which is why i chose to do this look first as it'd be perfect to wear in the summer season. I also managed to do her sexy seductive (okay mine may not be as seductive as her but at least  i tried) when she was playing around with all the bubbly bubbles! So i'll stop here for now and let you guys enjoy watching the video first!!
When i uploaded a few photo's of this look onto my instagram a friend of mine thought i actually cut and dyed my hair but I didn't actually cut or dye my hair for this video~ I'm just wearing a wig which i recently bought but when i got the wig the fringe was super long that it went past my chin so i had to cut the bangs myself and it was my very FIRST time cutting anything close to hair, in this case a wig and it took me 1.5hrs to cut it to my liking! I must say it seemed like forever just to cut it as i went slow and steady because i didn't want to cut off too much at one time just in case i accidentally cut off too much! So i cut it inch by inch and tried it on and off until i finally got it to the right length! *phew~ wipes sweat off forehead!* okay maybe not but you get me...yeah?
Next blog post will most likely be a review post on the Smart BB & Artist Auto Makeup Set!! All i will tell you now is that i'm loving it!!!!!!!!!!! Okay here are some more pictures of me to end this post for today!

I hope everyone enjoyed this blog entry as it has been forever since my last makeup tutorial!!! 
Today i headed out to the gym again and then did some shopping around and bought myself a gold skirt and a peplum cream white dress for only $10/each!!!! I also went and bought some new lipsticks and sales were crazy!! Many colours had gone out of stock because they were trying to clear the racks for new lipsticks to come up! But i managed to pick up 6 lipsticks and also 3 baby lip balms! Pictures of my little surge soon!!
On another note I have already thought of a few makeup looks to do next so FOLLOW my blog & instagram, SUBSCRIBE to my youtube & LIKE my facebook page! And here is one last picture of me!! 
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