Two Flowers Dancing in the Forest Photoshoot

So it has been a while since my last photoshoot as most of my friends and i were getting ready for our final examinations and all. But now that most of my friends have finished their exams, Miwari Chika and I got together on the Monday, 5th November and did a small fun photoshoot. Also for those who know about Miwari she has changed and moved her blog as of today and she now goes by Li-Su. As a small celebration of her moving i have uploaded a few more pictures of her (than myself)
Getting back on topic, the location i chose was the same as my last photoshoot but with tonylion, A Monet Story|The More Youthful Days. As you can see compare the background from the last photoshoot to my most current one with Li-Su, the dying grey arched branches is now all covered in green making it seem like a mystical forest and just after winter ended it was a sea of purple as all the flowers had just bloomed, unfortunately i wasn't able to photoshoot then as i had assessments and finals coming up. Anyways enough of me talking and here a few pictures from our photoshoot on Monday.  
Li-Su was going for a sexy chic look whereas I just went for the fun cute and girly look. I think we pulled them off time we're going to swap rolls~ :P
My favorite picture out of the batch!
Taken from my Instragram: LAZYPANDAH

Sorry for the belated blog entry as i have been busy going out gyming to keep fit for this summer! But today i'm taking a break from it as it is time for my late spring cleaning to make some space for my new clothes, accessories, etc.
To end this blog post here is a picture from my INSTAGRAM of cute pomeranian's i saw yesterday after gyming with Li-Su. I miss my pompom too nows :'(
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    1. Hi there,
      sorry for the late reply, i had to disable the nuffnangX conversation box to communicate through my usual comment box.
      The blog theme is not paid, i made it myself :)
      If you are interested in me making a blog theme for you i can do so as i offer them at a cheap price rate. Just drop me an e-mail if you are interested at ( and we can discuss what sort of themes you like, etc.


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