Boxing Day Shopping 2012 (●⌒∇⌒●)

So last year Boxing day Haul was posted on the exact same date as this year's one. This years' Boxing Day Sale wasn't much of a massive bargain sale compared to last year so we didn't pick many items to purchase. This year i didn't buy any makeup, clothes or accessories, which was extremely sad as i was looking forward to the sales! 

Anyways as usual we headed off early in the morning to the city and found parking quickly. We started off with Myers and when i was headed towards Illamasqua's makeup section, i saw two males dressed in female top and shorts strutting in their Jeffery Campbell's purchasing makeup. I just stood there in amazement for a minute then continued my shopping. 

But fortunately my mum and i were able to at least buy some bags! We got ourselves 3 bags and a watch for my younger brother.
The bag's we got were from Coach, Guess and Wayne Cooper, as for my brother's watch it was A|X Armani Exchange. 
After shopping we then headed towards The Star for our lunch break. Then headed straight home to enjoy the rest of our day lazying around. 

New Years Eve is tomorrow and so far i have nothing really planned out for that day. I might head out to a friends place for lunch but i'll see how things go first since i've been sick recently and i'm not really in the mood to go out and party.
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A Sobers Guide to Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

On Christmas Eve day i headed out to Ashfield with my mummy for yumcha with my uncle and cousin Edmund and Angela (who are the youngest on my mother's side of the family). There were tonnes of families that day for yumcha so we had to wait for a while before they suggested a table that we could have but it was small, but being hungry because most of us skipped out on breakfast we took the table anyways! Good thing was that we were right near the kitchen so when all the hot food came out we got first choice!(Sorry no pictures of our tiny table of packed food!).   
We decided to go Costco to shop for some food for Christmas and all but mum and i made a stop to the city to pick a few things up before heading back to my uncle's place to drop the things there. We were waiting at the door cousin, Edmund couldn't hear the doorbell nor home phone and it so happened my uncle drove cousin Angela to the station! During this waiting time my mum was learning to luvo because she wanted a good picture to use for her watsapp and wechat app's. So i snapped a picture of her luvo-ing~
Look at my mum taking a luvo~ hehe
 After about 10 minutes of waiting my uncle came back we were given fresh cherries to eat before heading out again to Costco. As for my cousin Edmund it was his first time going and he wanted to buy a few things so he could cook at home, since my uncle only cooks Chinese or only takes them out to eat Chinese food, which can get boring.
 After shopping at Costco, it was already 5:30pm so we started heading out to the city since mummy had booked a table for korean bbq! We ate so much that night and it was a good thing that we parked our car a little further away so we could have a small stroll and work the food down (i don't know if that made any sense....?).
During our stroll we were just in time to catch the 9pm Christmas Eve fireworks at the harbor!! It was a short but fantastic show, where i saw many families gathering near the harbor just to get the best view and a few at the bar nearby just clinking their beer cups and enjoying the rest of their nights. With that my Christmas Eve came to an end. 

-Christmas Day-
Today i woke up to a gloomy kind of weather knowing that we were bound to have rain after yesterday's humid hot weather. In the morning, yet again i wasn't able to have any breakfast as i was getting ready to visit my caretaker's when my brother's and i were kids, who have become one of the most important members of our family. We visited them last year on Christmas Day too, and they are super sweet as always, giving us food to eat before going anywhere! Here they made salad with peanut sauce (omgsh so good!!), stir fry noodles (which were amazing!!!), homemade kachang (really enjoyed it!!) and of course my favorite snack, which is this chip made from I'm not sure of the name but if any of you know what it is called do let me know!!
Mum & I with our beloved family 
After our small visit, we were to go to Ashfield for yumcha once again but this time with my mum's friends and one of my aunties, so my cousin's, Anita & Jessica, would be there too. When we got there we were surprised because there were so many unfamiliar faces, except my mum's friened, auntie and cousin's of course. It has been a while since i saw my cousin's and so it was a good time to catch up and all. The other two girls across the table were also related to each other too and they thought i was still in high school~ I think it's because my Christmas fat on my face which is making me look like a huge kid! But anyways after yumcha all the aunties went to the casino (you know it's the happy gathering after all) whereas i headed off to my cousin's place for a short stop before they drove me home, safe and sound! Thank Anita for driving me all the way home!

So as soon as i got home i jumped straight into my comfy PJ's and decided to watch Running Man's Christmas Special episode and it filled my night with laughter's!

Anyways tomorrow is Boxing Day and you know what that means??
BOXING DAY SALE! Although this year i don't think we will head out so early since we didn't really come across many items we liked over the past few weeks of shopping around Myers and David Jones. Anyways i wish all you guys a Merry Christmas!! Also continue reading to the next post as it was also posted today :)
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Christmas Season Daily Morning Skincare Routine

This entry is just going to be a short and simple entry of my recent skincare routine in the mornings using products from the Christmas/New Years love package from I've been getting my festive season fatty on with all the great food i keep encountering hence my face has become slightly chubbier, but i shall tone down once the festive season is over :)

Here is a list of the products i have used, in order.

Christmas tree at Darling Harbour
First Christmas present from my dance studio, telling me to challenge my brain!
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Review: Dr. Jart+ Deep Moist Facial Mask

Summer is here and my skin has been feeling dehydrated from the intense sun we've been having here so it's time to try out Dr.Jart+'s Deep Moist Facial Mask which is one of the items i had received from the Christmas/New Years Love Package
The mask is so thin it looks as if i don't even have it on me!
Dr. Jart+ Deep Moist Facial Mask Ratings:

Effects:  ★★★★★
When i remove the mask off my face, i can instantly see my face had brighten up and it is also super moist and plump!!

Mask material: ★★★★★
The material of this mask is made from cotton but it is super thing allowing our face to easily absorb the serum!

Formula/Aroma: ★★
I wouldn't say the smell of this mask is pleasing but it definitely isn't bad to have on the face.

Cost: ★★★★
This cost about US$20 on the site and it comes with 5 pieces of facial mask sheets.

Overall:  ★★★★★
Despite the smell i highly recommend this mask to those who need an extra boost of moisture to their face!! Perfect for all skin types!!

Love the freshness of my skin after peeling away the mask.
Anyways i shall be cleaning up my room for more space to place my brushes, makeup, books, etc. and time to clean my makeup brushes!
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-Sennnaa/Rinnnaa Christmas/ New Years Love Package 2012

(Video Trailer, scroll to the bottom to watch the official video)
Here is the list of the products mentioned in the video and the prices are included too!
Dr. Jarts+, Doctor's Label Deep Mist Facial Mask--US$19.10
Dr. Jarts+, Most Aqua, Water Cube Cream-------US$34
Dr. Jarts+, Most Aqua, Water Cube Serum------------US$35.10
Dr. Jarts+, Most Aqua, Water Jelly Mist------------US$25

Color Combos, Girl Glittering Liquid Eyeliner, 02 Gold-------------------US$6
Cyber Colors, 24HR Eyeliner Duo------------------------------------------------------US$15.30
Cyber Colors, Brush Eye Shadow & Liner Brush--------------------------------US$8.80
Cyber Colors, Cyber C Skin Cell Recharge Moisture Snail Cream---------US$29.40
Cyber Colors, Dolly Eyes, 01 Natural Lashes--------------------------------US$5
Cyber Colors, Gemstone Party Planet Eyeshadow, Dazzling Brown--US$36
Cyber Colors, Gemstone Pearl Powder, Gold Glitter-------------------------US$13
Cyber Colors, Shea Butter Nourishing Lip Balm, Honey-----------------------US$7.50

Sasatinnie, Color Fusion Gradation Blush, 02 Peach Orange---US$9
Sasatinnie, Graffiti Top Nail Polish-----------------------------------------US$6

Dr. G, Luxury EGF Primer BB Protector------US$31
Hadatuko, Daily Protector SPF30--------------------US$36.90
Methode Swiss, Men Grooming Essential Kit----US$67.10

Watch the video here now!

Further detail reviews of each product will be up as soon as possible!! So keep an eye out for it by following my blog, like my facebook page and subscribe to my youtube channel.
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Advanced Screening of「Life of Pi」ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

I was one of the lucky winners to win a double pass to watch the advanced screening of Life of Pi in 3D! 
This film has been 10 years in the making and it takes us on a journey of adventure and discovery.
My friends have told me the book is amazing but seeing as i haven't read the book i would have ZERO idea of what was going to happen, but on my mind i kept thinking, oh it will be an adventure story similar to Sinbad (don't ask why sinbad but it just popped in my mind~)
I was super excited to see this film because it seemed really interesting when i watched the trailers! 
I got to the cinema's with the kareshi pretyy early on around 5:30pm and we decided to wait near the cinema's so we could get the best seats (in our opinion anyways~!). Around 5:40pm i went down to buy some food and when i came back the kareshi was already inside the cinema's with the best seats, high up and directly in the middle! So while we were the only one's there i decided to take some photo's to capture the moment of being first in the cinema's! And that's when tonnes of other Sydney-based Nuffnang bloggers started to roll into the cinema's and fill the seats in one by one. 
empty cinema!!
Before everyone came rolling in~
It was time to watch the film**
The whole movie was so beautiful! Every single scene was filled with beautiful colours and elements!! The colours they used will definitely capture your attention and you wouldn't want to blink as you don't want to miss out one second of it! I simply enjoyed this movie and now i'm thinking of reading the book over Christmas and New Years. 
Thankyou Nuffnang for giving us an early Christmas gift which we could share with our friends. For those who haven't watched the movie yet and has never read the book just like me here is the trailer for you guys!!

So last night i found a huge box sitting outside my front door! It's the sasa love package for Christmas/New Years! Time to get filming again!!! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!
Asian Peace Pose!! 
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Beginning a new adventure with PINK Hair ! (♥O♥)

no filter whatsoever
 Last Wednesday i went and got my hair re-dyed, originally i was just going to dye my blonde bits but they recommended the whole bottom half of my hair since there will be too much shades of colours so yes i just went with it. 
I was going for my dream colour which was a golden pastel pink, but the hair stylist informed me that they will be dying it on the more brighter pink side so that the pink can last longer, and i must say the result of my hair was a SUPER BRIGHT HOT/NEON PINK!and i love it!!! As soon as i walked out of the salon people just kept staring and  i even got a few compliments from strangers within 24 hours!
So the salon i went to is called La Vie En Rose Hair Salon and i was super looking forward to going to their hair salon because i've seen so many friends and friends of friends who had got their hair done there, mainly to get a new hair colour, and they all turn up so well, so i decided to give it a try and contacted the salon via. their facebook page. So the pricing is quite expensive but i was definitely strong on my decision to get a new hair colour there so i booked an appointment with my friend and we both got our hairs done. The service there was amazing! They all speak mandarin (i'm guessing their taiwanese) and as for my hair stylist she couldn't speak English so i pretty much had a translator next to me the whole time, who was a very nice and helpful guy! These guys are super nice they even thought that we would get bored during the whole process so they gave us an ipad to play around with!
i have two people drying my hair!
Furthermore they were having an offer, that includes a free hair cut or treatment if you get your hair coloured or permed! As for me i went for the treatment as i knew my hair will be horribly dead after the two bleaching process and dying it pink! As for my friend she got a hair cut instead. 
Doing my hair treatment while my hair stylist in the background
Stella with her new hair colour & cut
It's been almost 2 weeks and my hair colour has started to fade out of the neon hot pink to a slight pastel hot pink now. Here's a few photo's of my hair!!
Just out of the Salon
2nd Day 
7th Dec 2012- the day before my dance showcase
10th Dec 2012
So that is all for this week! I've been taking new classes at dance recently and i'm loving them! Will be uploading a Christmas video soon!! Tomorrow i will be going to the Pre-screening of "Life of Pi", which is all thanks to Nuffnang, as it officially releases in cinemas on the 26th Dec 2012!!!
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