Advanced Screening of「Life of Pi」ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

I was one of the lucky winners to win a double pass to watch the advanced screening of Life of Pi in 3D! 
This film has been 10 years in the making and it takes us on a journey of adventure and discovery.
My friends have told me the book is amazing but seeing as i haven't read the book i would have ZERO idea of what was going to happen, but on my mind i kept thinking, oh it will be an adventure story similar to Sinbad (don't ask why sinbad but it just popped in my mind~)
I was super excited to see this film because it seemed really interesting when i watched the trailers! 
I got to the cinema's with the kareshi pretyy early on around 5:30pm and we decided to wait near the cinema's so we could get the best seats (in our opinion anyways~!). Around 5:40pm i went down to buy some food and when i came back the kareshi was already inside the cinema's with the best seats, high up and directly in the middle! So while we were the only one's there i decided to take some photo's to capture the moment of being first in the cinema's! And that's when tonnes of other Sydney-based Nuffnang bloggers started to roll into the cinema's and fill the seats in one by one. 
empty cinema!!
Before everyone came rolling in~
It was time to watch the film**
The whole movie was so beautiful! Every single scene was filled with beautiful colours and elements!! The colours they used will definitely capture your attention and you wouldn't want to blink as you don't want to miss out one second of it! I simply enjoyed this movie and now i'm thinking of reading the book over Christmas and New Years. 
Thankyou Nuffnang for giving us an early Christmas gift which we could share with our friends. For those who haven't watched the movie yet and has never read the book just like me here is the trailer for you guys!!

So last night i found a huge box sitting outside my front door! It's the sasa love package for Christmas/New Years! Time to get filming again!!! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!
Asian Peace Pose!! 
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