Another run at Bang Bang & Mad Spuds (︶ω︶)

So the past few day's i've been eating out so much! Just yesterday afternoon i went to Bang Bang Cafe with a long lost childhood friend and today we went to the Mad Spuds Cafe with another dear childhood friend of mine Stephanie as she will be heading off to America and China tomorrow morning. 
I've already been to both cafe's before but of course i wasn't able to try all the items off the menu at one time! So let me start the reviews for the new dishes that i tried!
Starting off with Bang Bang Cafe, we ordered the Cheesy Cheesy BangBang Burger and the Fish Finger Sandwich. So let me start with the reviews~
Fish Finger Ratings:

This sandwich is quite plain but i guess if you're going for a more lighter meal then this is your best choice

This sandwich cost AUD$12.90 which is also a tad pricey as it is nothing really special. 

If you don't feel like eating anything to heavy in flavor then this is the best choice to pick besides the salads of course. It was a good thing we ate this sandwich first otherwise the Cheesy Cheesy BangBang Burger will have made it tasteless.

Cheesy Cheesy BangBang Burger Ratings:

I really enjoyed eating this burger as it was packed with flavors. I think it was all thanks to the relish that they had used!! The fries were super crispy too!!

This burger cost $15, which i would say was a bit pricey for a small burger. 

I would definitely recommend this burger!!!

Moving onto today's late lunch, Stephanie and I beat the first heat wave of summer's official first day and walked all the way to the Mad Spuds Cafe, originally we wanted to go to FourAteFive but they were closed and being all tired and sweaty we decided to just go next door instead. We ordered two organic fruit drinks and 2 dishes, which one happened to be the Nachos(already reviewed on!)
Pineapple & Mint + Mango & Peach juices, Ratings:

For the pineapple mint one there wasn't a lot of mint that i was expecting so it was quite average, and for the mango & peach there was an even amount of each flavor. Both were quite refreshing on this hot sticky humid summer day!

This drink cost about AUD$4 each, which is quite pricey but they are organic, so yeah...

They're not really anything special so i wouldn't suggest getting them.

Crispy Fish Cakes Ratings:

So far my favorite dish from the Mad Spuds Cafe, but it's a special dish of the day thing so they might not have it every time. The guy mention that there was a bit of chilli present and even though it was not one bit at all spicy the chilli brought out the flavor of the fish cake even better! I really enjoyed eating their pickled cabbage too!!!

This dish is slightly more expensive at AUD$16 but i will definitely say the flavors will not disappoint you!

If you ever see this on their daily special dish menu, order it!! This is my favorite dish in the whole cafe so far!

Just after posting the picture of the food from Mad Spuds a few friends already asking me where i went! Anyways this week has been super busy and it will be even busier the next week as my dance showcase is coming up next weekend so there is so much to prepare for! And i got to stop eating out so much because my wallet is getting thinner whereas my body is getting bigger! I think many girls and boys out there would want it to happen the other way around where your wallet gets thicker and your body to be slimmer! 
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