Beginning a new adventure with PINK Hair ! (♥O♥)

no filter whatsoever
 Last Wednesday i went and got my hair re-dyed, originally i was just going to dye my blonde bits but they recommended the whole bottom half of my hair since there will be too much shades of colours so yes i just went with it. 
I was going for my dream colour which was a golden pastel pink, but the hair stylist informed me that they will be dying it on the more brighter pink side so that the pink can last longer, and i must say the result of my hair was a SUPER BRIGHT HOT/NEON PINK!and i love it!!! As soon as i walked out of the salon people just kept staring and  i even got a few compliments from strangers within 24 hours!
So the salon i went to is called La Vie En Rose Hair Salon and i was super looking forward to going to their hair salon because i've seen so many friends and friends of friends who had got their hair done there, mainly to get a new hair colour, and they all turn up so well, so i decided to give it a try and contacted the salon via. their facebook page. So the pricing is quite expensive but i was definitely strong on my decision to get a new hair colour there so i booked an appointment with my friend and we both got our hairs done. The service there was amazing! They all speak mandarin (i'm guessing their taiwanese) and as for my hair stylist she couldn't speak English so i pretty much had a translator next to me the whole time, who was a very nice and helpful guy! These guys are super nice they even thought that we would get bored during the whole process so they gave us an ipad to play around with!
i have two people drying my hair!
Furthermore they were having an offer, that includes a free hair cut or treatment if you get your hair coloured or permed! As for me i went for the treatment as i knew my hair will be horribly dead after the two bleaching process and dying it pink! As for my friend she got a hair cut instead. 
Doing my hair treatment while my hair stylist in the background
Stella with her new hair colour & cut
It's been almost 2 weeks and my hair colour has started to fade out of the neon hot pink to a slight pastel hot pink now. Here's a few photo's of my hair!!
Just out of the Salon
2nd Day 
7th Dec 2012- the day before my dance showcase
10th Dec 2012
So that is all for this week! I've been taking new classes at dance recently and i'm loving them! Will be uploading a Christmas video soon!! Tomorrow i will be going to the Pre-screening of "Life of Pi", which is all thanks to Nuffnang, as it officially releases in cinemas on the 26th Dec 2012!!!
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