Boxing Day Shopping 2012 (●⌒∇⌒●)

So last year Boxing day Haul was posted on the exact same date as this year's one. This years' Boxing Day Sale wasn't much of a massive bargain sale compared to last year so we didn't pick many items to purchase. This year i didn't buy any makeup, clothes or accessories, which was extremely sad as i was looking forward to the sales! 

Anyways as usual we headed off early in the morning to the city and found parking quickly. We started off with Myers and when i was headed towards Illamasqua's makeup section, i saw two males dressed in female top and shorts strutting in their Jeffery Campbell's purchasing makeup. I just stood there in amazement for a minute then continued my shopping. 

But fortunately my mum and i were able to at least buy some bags! We got ourselves 3 bags and a watch for my younger brother.
The bag's we got were from Coach, Guess and Wayne Cooper, as for my brother's watch it was A|X Armani Exchange. 
After shopping we then headed towards The Star for our lunch break. Then headed straight home to enjoy the rest of our day lazying around. 

New Years Eve is tomorrow and so far i have nothing really planned out for that day. I might head out to a friends place for lunch but i'll see how things go first since i've been sick recently and i'm not really in the mood to go out and party.
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