Horrible NastyGal.com Experience!

Early October, Li-Su and I bought a few items from the infamous NastyGal.com. It was our first time purchasing from NastyGal.com so we decided to purchase together so that we could save money on shipping. Anyways we have heard many good raves about this online boutique via the internet and a few friends of friends who have purchased from this website before. The pricing, payment and shipping were all in order until the day our parcel arrived to Li-Su's door (since we sent it to her place).
As Li-Su unwrapped everything with care, she carefully inspected every single item to the smallest details she found numerous amounts of faults on 95% of the items we had ordered. There were loose threads everywhere, buttons coming off at the slightest tug, hanging straps sown on outwards, belt's not in shape or have scratches and paint splodges, ridiculous designs, etc. 

*NOTE-Scroll all the way to the bottom for a video of us modelling the clothes!
the hanger straps are sown inside out!
bad threading's for buttons!
hi-5 to you too!
Turtle neck?!
When i was able to see the items in person I was extremely disappointed with all my dresses and one belt that i had purchased. The only good items was Li-Su's chiffon top and blue lace dress. Other than that everything was HORRIBLE & NASTY!

So let me start my Nastygal.com rant on the three main topic's.
Customer Service

Starting off with sizing, the models on the website are at least a US size 0-4 (meaning AUST size 6-8). It said the model in the pictures are wearing a size "Small" so we bought everything in size "small" but when we tried every item on they were definitely not the sizes which the model were wearing. On the model the dress were hugging her body making it the perfect fit whereas when we wore it, a few places would sag and crease here and there. Also the heartbreaker belt was a bit too big for my waist but on the mannequin's waist was extremely tiny. 
Sleeves fall off and uneven lining! 
splodge scratch!
Colouring of a few dresses where slightly off the described and pictured given to us on the website. The Emme Crochet Dress was described as cream and the picture of the dress was like pure white or slightly creamed but when i saw the dress in person it had a disgusting green-yellow tone which just reminded me of urine. Although the dress does appear cream in the video or photo's it is truely the most disgusting "cream" colour in person!
Emme Crochet Dress in cream...?
Now last of all customer service, i may not give the best described rant of this as most of it was handled by Li-Su, but she would e-mail me everything she got from Nastygal.com and their services were just unbelievably HORRIBLE, TIME WASTING AND INCONSIDERATE!
First, after receiving our package Li-Su immediately e-mailed them about the faults and in return after a week or two she got a template e-mail reply, and to Li-Su she hates them because we feel that our issue is unimportant and an easy problem to solve, but we did e-mail them back. After hearing no news for another few weeks Li-Su took it to their facebook page, and within that same day of publishing it we got instant personal e-mail replies! However, they tried to solve our problem by giving us store credit, but honesty i wouldn't want to shop there ever again so we declined and demanded our money back. They were happy to give us our full refund back and told us that they will send back our shipping money of US$15 to Li-Su's paypal account withing 24-72 hours. But after 2 weeks we got nothing! Once again taking it to facebook we got the money back within a few hours. 

Next was to get our items returned and refunded, so Li-Su and Nardia(the person who was in charge of our entire refund issue) organised a UPS pick up date to get the items collected and returned. They picked the Friday, 9th Nov, 2012 and Nardia confirmed Li-Su the date and that they will send another e-mail the Wednesday (7/11/2012) but Li-Su received no e-mail and stayed home all day with no one coming to her place to pick up the items. Li-Su quickly e-mailed Nardia later that day and they told her that they don't offer pick up, so all the time they did planning for the pick up was a LIE! And so now they offered to pay us back the shipping cost in the full amount for the items to be returned, but Li-Su and I was a bit unsure so we asked if we could send a few items first and if successful we will send the rest back as well. Nardia was alright with the whole thing and so  we sent half the items back on EXPRESS Shipping (super expensive!!!), so that we could track it ourselves on the 13th November and they said it would take about a week for them to handle and refund our money. Once again LIES! we had to wait at least 2+ weeks for the first half of our money to be refunded!
Once we got half our money back we quickly got the second half wrapped and ready to be shipped off back to them on the 27th November, and once again delay process of handling which resulted in us getting the money back today (12th December) but the thing is we actually don't get back the entire amount of what we paid for due to paypal's currency exchange rate is now different and all. Further more the funny thing is they "forgot" to refund one of the items so yet again Li-Su will be waiting for another e-mail from them!
On another note, we went back onto their website, and surprise surprise! The stuff that we had returned back to them were back on their website! (As we bought the last few instock's). 
We spent over 2 months to get our refund from Nastygal.com, not only was it super time wasting (especially for Li-Su), but they customer service is super disappointing!! I would never in my entire life shop from them ever again! And if you are one of those people who were looking if Nastygal is a good place to shop, i would definitely reply you with a BIG FAT NO!!!
Anyway's here is a video of us modelling the clothes which includes our honest opinion on the quality of the clothings!

 So saturday was the dance showcase night and it was a super tiring yet fun day i had! Since my two performances were the 1st and 2nd one i was able to enjoy the rest of the show without having to run around like crazy! Anyways for those who don't already know i've had my pink hair for a week now and i'm LOVING IT more and more every day!
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  1. wowowww i'm not longer sure if i want to make my 200NZD purchase any more..:/

    Love your pink hair btw!
    Stumbled on your blog looking for reviews before purchasing ><

  2. Yeah, definitely check out more reviews about their site just to be sure. Our first purchase made sure that we are never going to purchase from them again!!
    & I'm glad that you decided to check up reviews on the site (as we did not~).

    Thanks!! I miss my pink hair~ I've chopped off half my hair for the summer~ :P


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