Review: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Brown

I've always wanted to purchase a brown eyeliner and so i went and bought a gel eyeliner by Maybelline at priceline last week. I wore the eyeliner on the most hottest humid days of summer over the weekends and i can say it does not smudge that much but the colour does wear out a bit. Let me just jump straight into the review now.
Smudge proof test
Waterproof + Smudge proof test

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, Brown Ratings:

This eyeliner is quite pigmented when you first apply it onto your eyelids, but as time goes on the colour does fade out so it would be perfect for those who are trying to achieve a more natural look with no crisp sharp lines, but as for me i like a define line so i'm not liking it as much.

The consistency is a nice smooth, creamy formula which you can apply easily onto your eyelids. The product is meant to be 24hr long lasting, smudge proof and waterproof, as for the waterproof test it passed but as for smudge proof it failed quite badly as i can easily rub off the eye liner. When i also put it under the water + smudge proof combi test it just completely smudges and rubs off.

The packaging is simple and not really an eye catcher.

To me the price is a bit expensive as it cost about AUD$25 at priceline, whereas a more efficient KATE's Gel eyeliner cost HK$69 (less than AUD$10) has a much better result than this product

I wouldn't really recommend this product if you are looking for something that will last the whole day/night with a sharp define line. But if you are after something to smoke it out so it looks more natural than this is the gel liner for you.

I will be going out tomorrow to dye my hair! Super excited yet nervous and a bit confused on how i want it to be dyed! Should i just dye my blonde bits or go half hair or full head dyed! So many choices yet so little time. Most likely i'll go baby steps and dye my blonde bits. Anyways i'm heading off to dance practice now so hope you guys all have a lovely afternoon now!  
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