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Yet again i have another love package haul to share, this time it was using their e-coupon that they had given out after the promotional booth event held in Sydney back in October 2012. Because it was an e-coupon i just bought masks for 95% of the entire order.
This is what the orders came in~~ As always tonnes of foam inside their boxes to make sure the items arrive safely~
Etude House- Royal Class Gold Gel Mask Sheet (1 piece)--US$5.90
Etude House -Royal Class Pearl Gel Mask Sheet (1 piece)--US$5.90

Kao-Steam Eye Mask (Rose Scent) (5 piece)---------------------------------------US$6.70
VOV- DAILY FRESH MINI PACK Pure Black Charcoal Pack (10 ml)-------US$1.40
VOV- DAILY FRESH MINI PACK Wash Off Pack Honey Lemon (10 ml)---US$1.30

Skin Food- ROYAL HONEY Royal Honey Essence Mask Sheet (1 piece)---US$2.90
SCINIC- 100% Black Cotton Mask [Aqua White] (1 piece)--------------------------US$3.00

Koji- DOLLY WINK Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Brown)---US$17.30
ROHTO- C3 Moist Contact Lens Eyedrops (13 ml)--------------US$5.40

Now i have more products to review on so i'll try and get them up as soon as possible! Super excited to try the liquid brown eyeliner since it's really hard to find them online!

Before signing off today's blog post i wanted to notify you guys that i will be placing batch orders for an accessory piece every now and then,  so if you're interested in the pieces just comment or e-mail me! 
Today's accessory is the *STUDDED COLLAR* (gold/silver) 
AUD$15/each (batch shipping per collar is $5/each) 
BUY 3 collars at AUD$40 + AUD$10 batch shipping rate(SAVE $40!) 


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