Dessert at HANA HANA pt.1 (=^-ω-^=)

Yesterday i headed out to the city and watched Wreak-It-Ralph with the kareshi~ Afterwards we were getting a bit peckish so i decided why not go for dessert since it was a hot summer day anyways. So we headed towards Hana Hana which offered both casual dining and a cafe! Their shop is two levels so we headed upstairs for dessert since downstairs was for the casual dining.
let's head upstairs guys!
simple and cozy interior
pretty lightening
Hana Hana Café Ratings:

Reasonably easy to find as it is near the 2 wise monkeys bar along Liverpool St. I would say it is about a 10-15 minute walk from Townhall station.
Shop 4 & 5, 339 Sussex St, Sydney 2000
Open 7 days
Ph: 9280 1570

Menu: ★★★★
Their café menu offers a great range of desserts, coffee and tea. They have parfaits, shaved ices, cream cheese pancakes, tapioca crepes, mochi waffles, roll cakes and of course ice-cream!

Cost: ★★★
Their prices for their café menu ranges from AUD$2-$5.90!! Super reasonable and maybe even cheap for some!

The service at the cafe is wonderful! After ordering you can just take a seat anywhere you like and they'll bring the desserts to you! Also every time you return your empty dishes to the counter you will receive a stamp on their loyalty card. After earning 5 stamps you can get a free bowl of udon or soba (cold/hot)!

Overall: ★★★★
I highly recommend this place if you are looking for desserts which are both affordable and delicious to eat! Furthermore i really love the atmosphere there as it's really peaceful and quiet with Jpop music in the background and the sunglight shining through the windows! Perfect place to hang out with friends or read a book while enjoying a cup of coffee with a dessert dish. I also love their loyalty card system because it makes people clean up after their mess! :)

Now moving onto the food review of the day~ Both the kareshi and i ordered one dish each. I got the green tea parfait whereas the kareshi got the mango mochi waffle!

Mango Mochi Waffle Ratings:

Taste: ★★★
I simple loved the mochi waffle!! And the mango pieces, mango flavored ice-cream and i'm pretty sure condensed milk went perfect with the waffle!!!

Price: ★★
The mango waffle cost AUD$5.20!!

Overall: ★★★★
Highly recommend their mochi waffles's! If you don't like mango there is also strawberry, green tea and chocolate flavor too!!

Green Tea and Sweet Red Bean Parfait Ratings:

Taste: ★★★
I simply loved this parfait as it wasn't too sweet like the usual ice-cream desserts. There is green tea sponge cake and green tea jelly at the bottom and it's topped with green tea ice-cream, a mochi, anko (red bean paste), whipped cream and a wafer stick

Price: ★★
This cost AUD$5.90 which i think is an alright pricing range for the parfait. 

Overall: ★★★★
If you love green tea like i do then i highly recommend this to you guys!! It's filled with the strong green tea taste (meaning bitter) but this is what makes it enjoyable to eat because you won't get that sugar sick feeling after eating the whole thing!

The holiday fat is starting to build up onto my body so it's time to keep fit again by starting off with my healthy diet and hitting the gym as well as dance!!! Let me know if you want to learn my diet tricks and tips by commenting below!! 
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