Hello 2013 ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

Another year has gone by and here we are welcoming 2013!!
Looking back at 2012, i must say that it has so far been one of the best years of my life! I've met so many amazing people and bloggers who live in Australia, Sydney and even near my area too!! 
I cannot wait until uni begins again because i can meet more people in life and learn new skills, knowledge and wisdom!(Omgsh getting old~). But so far i'm not afraid of living out my youthful side even though i can get a bit too old for it, but my childhood brings out the biggest happiness in me so why not be spontaneous and fun like a kid, just don't go overboard crazy and do illegal stuff you know. Last year i dyed my hair half hot candy pink which has now faded out to a pastel pink, which i love them BOTH! This year i'm thinking should i re-dye the colour to the sharp pink before uni begins or a different colour~ HMMMM!!! But anyways when i've decided i'll definitely be needing a hair cut since i have to get one before Chinese New Years..some chinese thing.
So how did i spend my New Years Eve/New Years, well i was pretty sick yesterday so i wasn't able to go out much, furthermore my meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner were all congee! Best thing to eat when i'm sick but luckily for me mummy made some side dishes so it would be so bland. It was because i was sick that i killed time by watching Inuyasha as i never got the chance to finish the anime off and i just had so much time on my hands so yeah~
If any of you readers out there who love watching anime i highly suggest Sword Art Online if you've never heard of it as it recently just finished airing. I might start introducing you guys to my geeky-otaku side of me~ hehehe!
Even though i wasn't able to see the fireworks last night i can just look at the photo's i took during Xmas Eve :)
Now that it is a new year, i'm welcoming it with a huge smile on my face, even though i'm still sick. To begin with there are a few things on my new years list which i have to tick off first.
Sending New Years messages to dear friends and family (check)
Wash my dog, and boy does she need one!! (check)
Clean my room, ahem....which is slowly coming into place! Which i definitely will finish before the start of uni of course!
Lose weight and keep fit! I've been packing on the Christmas food and New Years just began so of course more food, then there is also Chinese New Years so even more fatty food! Definitely will be hitting the gym again to keep my body fit during the fatty beginning of the year!

Anyways i'll try and upload more video's this year and be more productive!! I love reading emails from my readers so don't be shy to send me one because i already have a reader who enjoys sending me emails every so often. 
Comments are love ♥


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