Review: Cyber Colors, GEMSTONE Party Planet Eye shadow, 01 Dazzling Brown ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

 I'm back with another review from's Christmas 2012/New Years 2013 Love package. Today i will be sharing my review on Cyber Color's Gemstone Party Planet Eyeshadow palette in 01. Dazzling Brown.

Cyber Colors, GEMSTONE Party Planet Eyeshadow, 01 Dazzling Brown Ratings:

Colours: ★★★
The shades are very pigmented and it is perfect to use daily as the shades are very warm and neutral!

Formula: ★★
Very easy to blend out, no clumping of the eye shadow at all!

Packaging: ★★★
Cutest packaging from the Cyber Colors range of make up!

Cost: ★★☆☆☆
The palette cost US$45 but are currently on sale at US$35.90/each, which is still a bit pricey in my opinion but it's a really good palette if you're looking for something to use daily.

Overall: ★★★
I will recommend this eye shadow palette as not only does it come in this neutral warm shade but they also have a violet and blue palette too!

I used 2 shades only to create this look :)
Today was meant to head out to my friend, Lin's 20th birthday lunch and karaoke but my bus never turned up making all my plans ruined!! So i just had to call and cancel my appearance and replace it with a birthday brunch with her tomorrow, or whenever she was free!  I really hate how public transport can just ruin your day which you had planned ahead!
Do tell me your stories of your day being ruined due to public transport below~

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