SNSD I GOT A BOY Taeyeon Inspired Makeup Tutorial

For all the kpop fans out there, you may already know but SNSD Girls Generation has released their latest album I GOT A BOY, which hit 10 million views in 55 hours of releasing the MV on youtube.
I decided to a Taeyeon inspired makeup tutorial since it's more simple to do and because it's summer here in Australia i don't want any heavy eye makeup which may feel heavy and melt away in the heat!  
As you can see in the photo's above, you can see subtle hues of orange so i decided to use that colour to reflect the summer season here in Australia. 
Learn how to achieve this look by watching my video now!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this video and i tried fixing the music at the end so you could hear it but no matter how much i tried to fix it the music just disappears. But i'll try fix this for future video's sakes!!
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