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Does your skin get dehydrated from the super intense sun here in the Southern Hemisphere? or does your moisture get sucked dry because of the dry and cold winter days in the Northern Hemisphere?? Well wherever you are in the world i have the answer for you! All products are thanks to SASA.COM as these were from their Christmas/New Years love package!!
I present you with Dr. Jart+'s newest series MOST AQUA! Here i have with me their Water Jelly Mist, Water Cube Serum and Water Cube Cream! I use this every night after washing my face clean from makeup, dirt, sebum, etc. and it always leaves my face feeling fresh, clean and hydrated! Let me show you my usual routine with these products!
Starting off with the Water Jelly Mist, i take about 2-3 sprays on my face as it can prevent any further moisture loss! So a little more on the product itself, the mist reforms the structure of skin cells and creates a moisturizing reservoir. Furthermore the water jelly acts as a protective film to lock in the moisture making it perfect for those who have dry sensitive skin as 80% of the formula is made up of moisturizing ingredients.
Had some Water Cube Cream on my nose~ opps :P
Dr.Jart+, MOST AQUA, Water Jelly Mist Ratings:

Effects: ★★★★★
Super refreshing once i spray the product onto my face and i really feel like the moisture being locked in before anymore can escape.

Formula/Aroma: ★★★★★
The formula is liquid-base making it super easy to spread out onto the skin, as for the aroma it has a light floral scent.

Cost: ★★★☆
This product cost US$31.60 but it now on sale at only US$25.30, saving up to 20%!!

Overall: ★★★☆
Highly recommend as it already hydrates my skin without the other items and it would be perfect to set your makeup or carry it around in a smaller spray container to hydrate your skin whenever you need to.

Moving onto the next product i use is the Water Cube Serum 
I usually take 2 pumps onto the palm of my hand and i them rub the product in between my hands before applying the product on with a patting motion so that the product is fully absorbed! 
 The serum also is effective on restructuring the skin cells and establishing adequate water storage underneath the skin. 
Dr.Jart+, MOST AQUA, Water Cube Serum Ratings:

Effects: ★★★★★
I love how it instantly brightens up my complexion as i keep adding more moisture to my skin!!

Formula/Aroma: ★★★
I love how the formula is super thin and light but can be so effective in hydrating my skin. The aroma is the same as the jelly mist with a light floral scent.

Cost: ★★
The serum cost US$43.90 but is now on sale at US$35.10. It can be a bit pricey but definitely worth it to have hydrated skin!!

Overall: ★★★
Highly recommended to all those suffering from dry sensitive skin!!

Moving onto the last product before i end my skincare for the night with the Water Cube Cream! Once again this product helps restructure the skin cells as well as locking in all the moisture because it this entire range is known to have the water lock technology. I apply a generous amount onto my face and massage my face as the product is being absorbed!
Dr.Jart+, MOST AQUA, Water Cube Cream Ratings:

Effects: ★★★★★
The perfect end to my night skincare routine!! I feel like i have a nice thick layer of moisture to hydrate my skin for the whole night and morning!!

Formula/Aroma: ★★★★★
The formula is light jelly-like cream which makes it super easy to massage onto the face as the light floral scent eases the mind.

Cost: ★★
The cream cost US$41.90 but is also on sale at US$30.20!

Highly recommend!! Leaves my skin feeling super moist and plump! 

I super love Dr.Jart+'s entire MOST AQUA range as it is free of preservatives, mineral oils and artificial flavors too! It is one of the best solutions for oily, dry or sensitive skin types! 
Had Yumcha with my relatives today and it has been a while since my cousin's and i were all together in one place~ Tomorrow i shall be heading out to the city as i'll need to buy a birthday present for a friend~
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Fashion of the day
H&M- skirt
GUCCI- sunglasses 
COACH- fuschia bag
Sophisticated Ignorance- Adore necklace (gift from tonylion)
brandless- top, shoes

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