Summer Lovin' | Vintage 夏 Mini Photoshoot

JC helped me create the circle around the photo :)
On Thursday it was a super bright day and luckily it wasn't too hot so decided since i was at home doing nothing i'd do a mini photoshoot to welcome the summer season. I personally have a love-hate relationship with this season just as i do with winter but let me tell you my loves and hates about this season.
I love the beach, the sky, the weather, the style & fashion, the motivation to work out, the bikini body and being lazy at home.
As for the hates, FLIES!!!! annoying buggers they are! & the icky humid winds on super hot summer days.
-Photo's are 100% not photoshopped (because i don't know how to use it! One day i shall learn!!),only filters and texts are used
-All photo's taken with SONY Cybershot DSC-TX1
The concept i decided to use for the mini summer photoshoot would bring out a modern vintage feel! Which i think is a success all thanks to the filtering, and maybe the work of my floral print bustier too! By adding the pink bodycon high waist skirt makes the style more modern and easy to wear around in Sydney. As you guys all know i love my accessories to be bold and out there and because my neck felt empty and bare i decided to match the outfit with a bib-like necklace to show less flesh there! Another accessory i added was the two bracelets which are the same colour code as my outfit! PINK & BLUE! I think because Sydney is so multicultural we're able to become more daring with our outfits which is why i would change my style very often! 

-Up close shots-
When it comes to closer shots i love smiling the most

-A few favorite shots ♥-

Fashion of the day「100113」
Forver21- necklace
Forever New- blue bracelet
H&M- skirt
Jeffery Campbell- shoes
brandless- floral bustier top

Today i headed out to the city to go shopping alone in my lazy casual summer style. The weather was really gloomy so i was expecting it to rain and it did, luckily for me i brought along an umbrella since i walked home from my station.
Main purpose for going out today was to purchase a birthday present for my dear friend Lin as it is her 20th birthday tomorrow!! So this is the reason why i didn't shop as much today but i still bought a few things which i shall share next time :)
taken from my instagram: lazypandah
Fashion of the day「130113」
Cotton On- top
Miss Shop- shorts
Sophisticated Ignorance- Adore necklace (gift from tonylion)

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