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Today my mum, younger brother Alex, TonyLion & I went to Fujiyama's teppanyaki since my mum had bought a coupon for it recently and it was time we used it. The coupon my mum had bought was for four people at only $75!! So we decided to go for lunch and it wasn't super busy so we could just enjoy and eat. Also, because it's a coupon there will be no pricing mentioned with the food review~

FujiYama's Ratings:

Super easy to find and it's about a 8-10 minute walk away from Chatswood station, towards Chatswood Chase.
Level 1, 77 Archer Street
Chatswood, Sydney, 2067

Opening Hours:
Sun-Wed 11 am-10:30 pm
Thurs-Sat 11 am-Late

Menu: ★★★★
The coupon menu offered quite a range of dishes such as salad, beef, chicken, fish and even ice-cream.  

Cost: ★★★★
For 10 course meal for 4 people at only $75 is super cheap!! It's less than AUD$20/person and plus there was so much to eat that we didn't finish it all! 

The service there was really good! The chef took his cooking seriously yet he enjoyed playing the various food throwing games with us all. So you're probably wondering why did i only give the service a 4 star because of one big fat problem, the waitress!(the only one working there) she cannot understand nor communicate in English!! When she gave us the drink menu, we had asked her which drinks were included in our coupon and she just pointed to the soft drinks and juices, we confirmed with her twice before ordering. As a result they asked us to pay for the amount of the drinks but of course we refused when it was not our mistake. I just do not understand why would someone hire a waitress/waiter who cannot understand or communicate in English. Yes, she might be learning English now but she didn't even understand when we asked for water!!! Now "water" is it that hard to understand the word water!!! 

Overall: ★★★★☆
Despite the waitress everything went well. I do recommend this place for those of you who have never tried teppanyaki before!

So our chef for the day gets ready to cook and of course when you go for a teppanyaki meal be expected to have food thrown at you! So it's best to dress not in your most expensive shirt and make sure to wear long pants! 
 So anyways to start off we ordered drinks, thinking it was part of the coupon, we ordered 2 pineapple juice and 2 lemon lime bitters.
Pineapple Juice & Lemon Lime Bitter Ratings:
Taste: ★★★
The pineapple juice seemed as if it had been diluted a bit with water so it didn't have that strong fresh taste while as the lemon lime bitter is quite nice but it would have been better if it had already been chilled in the fridge.

Overall: ★
I would recommend the lemon lime bitter since it was packed with flavors.

Soon after we were given our salad, miso soup and appetizer to start our tummies off~
Salad, Miso soup & braised beef with fish? Ratings:

Taste: ★★★
The salad was just plain ordinary so nothing special. The miso soup was really nice because it's not too salty or too bland. The braised beef was really soft and tender and i think the fried thing was fish, that went really well with the sauce of the beef.

Teppanyaki Prawn's Ratings:
Taste: ★★★
They were packed with a garlic-buttery taste~ It went well with the black sauce (not exactly sure of what sauce it was because i was too busy eating away)!

Teppanyaki Fish Ratings:
Taste: ★★★
Now the fish was a bit salty in my opinion but other than that it was cooked very well :)

Terriyaki chicken Ratings:
Taste: ★★★
Not the usual terriyaki taste but still quite nice to enjoy with the fried rice that they made. We were meant to dip this into the sesame sauce which went quite nicely~

Fried Rice Ratings:
Taste: ★★★
The fried rice wasn't anything super special but it went well with the terriyaki chicken and the miso yaki beef.

Now here is our chef preparing to set the beef on fire~
Miso Yaki Beef & Fried vegetables Ratings:
Taste: ★★★
The beef was my favorite dish of the day, it had a honey taste mixed with the terriyaki sauce, super nice!! The beef was also meant to dipped into the sesame sauce, but i already enjoyed the flavors without it but TonyLion on the other hand was smothering the beef pieces with the sesame sauce cause he liked it.The fried vegetables were refreshing for me as everything else was just meat and more meat. 

Green Tea Ice-cream Ratings:
Taste: ★★★
This ice-cream tasted more like vanilla ice-cream because it pretty much was! All they did was added green tea powder to vanilla icecream~ That's it, but i guess this is not the worst green tea ice-cream i've ever had as it was still enjoyable to eat.  
After lunch i enjoyed the rest of the day hanging with TonyLion at the library then went off to find mum to go home~ As soon as we got home we decided to make a mango cheese cake~ 
On another note, if you're Chinese i'm sure you would all know what 1314 means right?? Well in Chinese it is "一生一世" and when you translate it to English it means "forever". Did you also notice today's date? It's 13/1/4 (Y/M/D). So remember to share your love with your family, friends, pets, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, etc. :)
taken from my Instagram: lazypandah
Outfit of the Day
Forever21- galaxy cross print shirt
MINKPINK- shredded lilac shorts
Lovisa- earrings
Vivienne Westood- Bag

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