TONYMOLY official launch in Sydney! & Join the Giveaway

TonyMoly is quite a well known korean cosmetic and makeup brand which is quite popular amongst us. In Sydney, the only places you could purchase TonyMoly products was either via online shopping or Morning Glory, which didn't offer many products to us.
But now we Sydney-er's now have our own TonyMoly branch in Market City!! Although the shop may not be big but they offer many skincare products as well as makeup!! The recently just opened and are having a 40% sale on ALL products available!!! My friend and I just went crazy!!!!!
The staff there were super friendly and helpful when you're looking at items. One of the staff loved my hair colour and introduced me to a hair product to keep my hair looking smooth and healthy! Another staff liked my nails which i just got done that day!! Their service was amazing!!!!!!
My basket full of goodies!
Due to their amazing customer service and great grand opening sale i bought heaps of stuff but i saved up to AUD$70!!! Watch my video now to see what TonyMoly products and other items i had purchased yesterday when i went out shopping with my friend, Stephanie.

Hoping to head out to the beach in the next few days or so!! It was my older brother's birthday yesterday but since he is in Hong Kong not much we could really do for him but we still got him a present and sent birthday wishes too. Anyways ending the post with a few pictures i took yesterday!
Stephanie's royal blue & my glittery golden peach nails! I felt like a mermaid with them!
taken by Stephanie
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