February Vivid Pink Nails(*/∇\*)

 February, the last month of summer and also the month where we celebrate Valentines Day.
This Valentines Day, as you know, i had a mini haul where i had purchased a new nail lacquer by 3 Concept Eyes or 3CE for short. 

3CE, PK11 Vivid Hot Pink Ratings:

Colour: ★★★
The colour is amazing! It is a lovely hot pink shade which reminds me of Barbie! It's a fun and quirky shade to have on your nails especially on Valentines Day. 

Formula: ★★★
The formula is beautiful!!! It dries quite quickly applying me to apply a second coat thinly. With one coat i already get the nicest shade ever and you don't really need a second coat but i did in this case. The formula's pigment is amazing!!! I love it!

Packaging: ★★★
Simple packaging but i think it's kind of cute. Something about it just draws my attention to it.

Price: ★★★★★ 
I got this instores at AUD$7.95, which is very cheap in my opinion as many branded and GOOD ones here in Australia usually start from AUD$20. This is a super cheap and super amazing nail lacquer!!

All i can say is.....I LOVE 3CE NAIL LACQUER!! Simply heavenly i tell you!! They have many other bright colours too and they also have a few glitter ones. Definitely will be purchasing more in the future!!

So semester 1 is almost here and i'm just lazying around at home thinking what to blog about next. I've been quite lazy but now i must get both my habits and body fit for uni once again! 
I shall be sharing my diet/fitness tips soon! Hope everyone had a wonderful summer (for northern hemi. people winter) holidays and now let's get fit together!!! Leave me comments to say hi i'm feeling quite alone without anyone to talk to when i'm at home all by myself.

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  1. The color is cute! Have you tried other 3 Concept Eyes products? I've just ordered some from them, if you're interested in a review on their cosmetic, visit and follow my blog amismagicbox.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Ami,
      I haven't tried their other makeup products yet but will be soon. I will definitely check your blog out before i go out and purchase them :)

      -Miss Sennnaa


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