Happy Chinese New Years ┗(^0^)┓

Somme of you may know that yesterday was Chinese New Years and being Chinese myself there's a few thing we do during those times. Last year i celebrated CNY in Hong Kong where i had the family gathering for the family dinner at The Peninsula Hotel. We had a very filling meal that when it came to desserts i was so full but i had to chew down on the Glutinous rice ball more commonly known as 湯圓 (tang yuan) because it's for luck. 
Twinning with my younger brother~~!
This year i was in Australia to celebrate CNY Eve & CNY. As a kid i would remember going to my auntie's place for dinner on CNY Eve, where a few family friends would gather and enjoy the atmosphere and fun of the night before visiting the temples in Glebe. All of this came to a stop once i was in year 8 or so. Since then we've just been having our own family dinner at home before heading out to the temple. 
Chinese New Years Eve Dinner
But this year my auntie decided to have a smaller gathering at her place which brought back so many good memories. Even though it was pretty much just my family and my cousin's family we had so much fun talking and catching up. After dinner we didn't go to the temples at Glebe because....my dad isn't in Aussie with us so we have no idea how to get there by ourselves so we decided to skip out on it.
Dressing up in red
Chinese New Years Day never changes, my family will always go visit the temples on this day to pay our respects to not only my grandparents but also the Chinese Gods. We decided to meet up with my uncle's family and BOY! was that day super hot and sunny!!! So i'm a bit traditional in this case and i wore my new red dress which i had bought last year but never got the chance to wear. First thing we did when we got to the temples was go for FOOD!!It is a must for me!! Afterwards we went around paying our respects to the Gods as well as my mother's side grandparents.
Once we finished up there we headed back home but decided to stop by for some mini-grocery shopping and a coffee & cake break too!
Once we got home my mum got straight to preparing the CNY dinner.
Our dinner was nothing big or fancy but we did have some Peach Sake to make our night!
Chinese New Years Dinner with the family!
Oh and how can i forget the red pockets which brings me to the topic of me missing being a kid again during the Chinese New Years time because i remember getting so much more RED POCKETS compared to nowadays. Oh wells guess it's better than nothing, embracing the years i have of being unmarried yet!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Chinese New Years! Even if you are not Chinese just join in on the fun by going to a Chinese restaurant with your friends or family!! I know i enjoyed Chinese New Years with my family! 
On another note my international giveaway had ended last night and i shall be announcing the winners soon enough as i have been super busy lately! Thanks for being patient!!
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