Happy St Valentines Day(´ω`♡%

Happy Valentines Dayヽ(♡o♡)丿
So yesterday was St Valentines Day, meaning all the couples express their love freely, publicly, with chocolates, roses, cards and maybe even gifts. As for me i met up with the boyfriend where we just had a more casual kind of Valentines. We wore our couple shirts and i decided to wear matching shoes as i know how much the boyfriend loves to wear his timberland's.
My mini haul
I wasn't in a relationship my entire life and only started dating in my last year of high school so i've been single for about 17 years meaning 17 years of FOREVER ALONE DAYS whenever Valentines Days approached, but that didn't stop some of the fellas giving me flowers and chocolates (which i'll leave this story for another time). So for all those who were single on St Valentines fess not with all the couples being all lovey dovey because you guys can enjoy that day too. 
For the ladies why not go out shopping with any of your single girl friends and make the most of it with catch up sessions at a cafe. Head to a spa or massage but if you cannot afford this then stay at home and soak into a bubble bath, read a book, watch cartoons (works for me!!!), do a facial mask because you can make yourself feel beautiful even at home!
As for the fella's i may not be an expert to find something for you guys to do but observing my brothers...well i say continue playing your computer games, or maybe even go for a change and read a book, cook, clean your room, etc. These changes may attract your future MISSUS ;) 
Valentines Dinner with the family
Now last year i spent Valentines in Hong Kong with the family so i wasn't able to celebrate it with the boyfriend. This year i also spent half my Valentines with my family. Actually it was mum who just wanted to go out for dinner after a tiring day at work. We were going to go for Japanese at Neutral Bay but....well my mum just drove straight ahead and went straight into the city so changes of plan were made on the spot. We went for thai food at HOME restaurant and the lucky thing was that we manage to find a parking right in front of the restaurant!! Anyways the dinner was fantastic last night because our number was called instantly the food was really good today, like the pork dish was very crispy, the pork neck was well marinated, everything was just going so well with today. They also gave us heart shape chocolates when we paid the bill, personally me and mum don't like eating milk chocolate too much because it gets too sweet so eating half is usually our max. but the heart shape one they gave us wasn't super sweet so we manage to eat the whole thing. Just before we crossed the Harbour Bridge there was the 9 o'clock firework display over the harbor. I think it was the perfect way to end Valentines Day.
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